Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.27A

Hi guys,

it's time for a new 3D Coat Update:

Updated to 3.5.27 (Win version first, other versions will come a bit later):

  • Andrew has made a lot of work for improving the stability and quality in LiveClay. Usual surface tools will be also well compatible with LC. There is checkbox "Remove stretching" in usual surface tools to remove stretching after the end of stroke.
  • Reset primitives problem solved -
  • To center mass/boundary center/... in merge tool work correctly
  • Andrew has fixed a problem in the sketch tool - 
  • Sketch tool/reference image were corrected to work with non power of 2 textures and to avoid a shadowbox preview in tools but Sketch tool.
  • Andrew has finished a correct transition to voxels after using LC tools, there is a correct Undo/Redo after voxelization and a solved problem related to "explosion" of meshes.
  • Framing center in viewport is correct now
 Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.26

Sorry guys, I am a little bit late this time...

Updated to 3.5.26

  • LC tools got a major update. It's still alpha and need some re-organisation.
  • Andrew corrected the transition to voxels after using LC tools, correct Undo/Redo after voxelization and solved the problem related to "explosion" of the mesh.
  • Sketch tool/reference image are corrected and works well now with non power of 2 textures and avoids a shadowbox preview in all tools but Sketch tool.
  • Andew includes a warning if there is no enough disk space to write files or if something prevents to save correctly (to avoid loosing work).
  • "Run brush along curve" issue solved - 
  • Symmetry issues fixed

Download the current beta here: Wanna have it... 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brand news for live clay fans

Tinker has posted some cool infos about the live clay development and the last improvements. Take a look at his latest video. The lazy "snake clay" tool looks really great:

Here you can visit Tinkers official blog post: Visit Tinkers blog...

Cap holes in 3D Coat

Hi there,

Tinker has posted some really interesting news about capping holes for imported models inside 3D Coat. This update can be tested in one of the beta versions soon. Take a look at his demo video:

For more infos, visit his blog: Go to Tinkers blog...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where is the interview this month?

Hello friends, the interview fans of my blog already realised it: There is no new interview this month. The reason is very easy: Unfortunately I had no time to interview a new artist for october. Additionally it begins to be more problematic to find someone "special" who uses 3D Coat and/or has time to be interviewed.

This brought me to the point to overwork my interview concept a bit. I think I will make the interviews more individual - which means: I keep a basic question list, but I will try to point the focus more related to the interview partner and her/his work. So every interview will be a little bit different and more interesting, I hope...

Additionally I think it would be nice to interview more people who are not mandatory using 3D Coat in their daily work. I would be happy if you write me your opinion about this plans.

Thank you for your patience.

Best wishes