Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Insider news: AppLink for Softimage updated

 Changes of version 1.3:
  • Fixed bug in UV optimization
  • Added checkboxes "Skip Import Dialog" (allows to skip the import dialog, default options will be used) and "Skip Export Dialog" (allows to skip the export dialog. Previous settings will be used)
  • Added new line "Drop mesh in 3D-Coat as a curve profile [curv]"
  • Normal map optimisation while the import process: When creating materials with normal map - the green channel will be inverted, not the red one
Visit the forum thread for download & discussion: Wanjavascript:void(0)na have it...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Insider news: meshmixer by Ryan Schmidt

Hello guys,

Ryan Schmidt published a free modeling and remeshing tool called meshmixer. It is completely free and ready to download on his official website.

meshmixer shows us the future in organic modeling techniques, but it works already today! You must see the videos, the possibilities are andless! Meshmixer is much more than a clean up tool for scanned 3D models. I am very curious in the future development.

I would be not surprised, when we see Ryan soon in a company like pixologic or similar... but I hope it will need some time until they "catch him". ;-)

Visit the official website: Wanna see it...

Insider news: 3D Coat OSX 64Bit - Open beta started

Good news for Mac OSX users:
The open beta for the 64 bit version of 3D Coat have started.

Visit the forum link for further infos: -> Wanna test it...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tips & Tricks: How to work with the color palette features in 3D Coat

I have prepared a new quick tutorial for you. In this tutorial you will learn some about the following topics:
  • How to use the color palette window features in 3D Coat
  • How to use the the color picker window features
Have fun.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Art update: "The god of writings" by Nicolas Garilhe

Nicolas Garilhe inspire us with his latest work for the last Dominance War.
To get detailed information about his newest creation "The god of writings" and enjoy more example images, just visit his thread in the 3D Coat forums.

3D Coat forum thread -> Wanna see more...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Insider news: AppLink for the Unity Engine published

Good news for Unity Engine users. A small AppLink was published recently.

Direct link to the forums, with detailed information and the possibility to post questions: Wanna have it...

Friday, May 20, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.20

3.5.20 [win, beta] uploaded, with some exciting news:

  • LiveClay - very first beta opened, so don't expect too much. To test it go to Edit->Preferences->Show beta tools to enable it.
  • New important command in Ptex mode introduced: http://bit.ly/mt1MBw
  • User-friendly way to share 3D-Coat's resoureces: http://bit.ly/iEndgn. You may easily create extension packs (3dcpack) with your own Brushes / Strips / Materials / Masks / Shaders / Navigation etc.
  • Upload screenshot with hotkey will work now correctly, even with modal (topmost) dialogs.
  • Move tool bug in sculpt room fixed: http://bit.ly/luokql
  • Bug fixed, related to transforming from Ptex to Miccroverts using UV room and applyUV set. Now this way Ptex->UV->Appy->MV works correctly.
  • The mv depth painting issue is fixed: http://bit.ly/inJ9IE

Some instructions regarding LiveClay by Andrew:
  • Use Details slider to vary details, decreasing pen size will increase details level too.
  • Moving pen too fast still produces undesirable details variation.
  • LC supports masks and materials.
  • LC may be baked to texture, but transforming to voxels will degrade details for obvious reason.
  • Usual 3B files will be opened with previoius versions, but if LC was used 3B files will not be opened with previous versions of 3DC.
"There are still much things to do, it is just our short report for you."

Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Insider news: LiveClay beta soon available!

Great news!
LiveClay in beta stage will be available up from version 3.5.20.

Insider news: Back in town...

Hello friends,

I am back from my vacation. Actually already since monday, but on tuesday morning my pc suddenly broke... Not a good start, so I had to wait for the repair up till today. But all is working now and no data got lost. Great!

Following you see two of my photos, I made at the isle called Borkum, where my wife and me spend the vacation time.

Best wishes

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Featured artist: Steffen Unger

Hello friends,

this month I present you an artist from germany: Steffen Unger. Steffen is already well known in the graphics market and offers his talent to different companies in germany and international. Steffens main skills are sculpting and texturing characters, but he is well experienced in all kind of computer graphics for entertainment projects, too.

Have fun with the interview

The artist
How old are you?
29 since a few days.

Where are you currently living?
In Berlin/Germany.

What are you doing, when you switch your PC off? Do you have other hobbies?
Oh those are pretty rare occasions, as mostly I'm pretty busy, however I try to travel at least twice a year, mostly inside europe as it doesn't take as much time flying around. But when I'm here and have freetime, the usual stuff, going to the cinemas, meeting with friends, going to a restaurant, from time to time going into clubs, or museums, I guess what a lot of other people also do in their freetime, I don't think I'm that much different in this matter.

About the work
How did you get the idea to be an digital artist, why digital?
Well I kinda slipped into it, I did it in my freetime when I was at school, met a cool guy (www.hannohagedorn.com) who was at that time art intern in a gamecompany, I started testing their game. After finishing school I entered that company as an intern, later did my apprenticeship there and quite some time later, while Hanno went off for bigger things I stayed at that place for the production, became leadartist - and well became over the years the person I am now.

Do you have a special education in arts?
As said I did my apprenticeship in that company as a media designer, but it has nothing to do with arts or my job at all, it was more or less something to get my parents off my back, to have something "safe" in my pocket, to rely on when this game thingie doesn't work out.

Are you employed or do you work freelance?
Since the company closed in 2007 I am doing freelance work, I kinda like beeing free and not having to work on the same project for 5 years, instead switching every few months and have more variety in productions.
But for the right company and project I sure would go back into a studio as well, I love beeing around other artists, from time to time I work at clients offices but its not the same thing as working on a project from beginning to end.

Which recent projects were the most important for you?
Airborn, my - or our - own brand, me and some friends worked on for quite some time now -we changed it a lot recently but it is still fun to work on. If we have the time to do so, its a bit annoying to work on something in your freetime, it happens that I or others just lost the drive for a while, and therefore it takes quite some time to get anything done.

Which project was a particular challenge for you?
I think it was the last Settlers project for Ubisoft, trying to get as close to the very stylized conceptart as possible or enhancing it. I didn't succeed on all characters, but I proud of quite a lot of them, was a fun and challenging project.

Where do you get your ideas from?
Everywhere I guess, other artists, movies, my surrounding, knowing a lot of artists around me it kinda helps me staying focussed and trying out new things.

Are you creating realistic artworks too or mainly abstract?
What is abstract and what is realistic? I'm sure no modern artist doing highly abstract works, I'm still playing more in the figurative field than anything else, but mostly in a more stylized manner. While I like doing more realistic stuff as well, I rarely get the chance to work on those.

What are your plans as an artist for the future?
Finishing the first episode of Airborn would be cool thing to achieve.

Which software are you using for your work, and which hardware?
My main app is 3dsmax, but I use a lot of other tools alongside it, zbrush for sculpting, form development and detailling etc. Xnormal for Texturebaking, 3dcoat mostly for retopo and Photoshop alongside Deeppaint and Crazybump to do textures.

Which tool do you like the most and never want to miss?
Really hard to say, I like portions of most tools I use a lot while there are things I totally dislike, in really all of them. I think it is the mix that makes me do my work in an effective way.

The portfolio
If you are more interested in Steffens work, feel free and visit his website: