Thursday, December 22, 2011

Voxel painting news

Hello guys,

today I've read some news on twitter about the voxel painting development in 3D Coat. It is already possible to paint on meshes that are existing in the voxel room, but the models have to be converted into the surface mode first.
You can paint on a mesh, just by switching to the paint room and use the regular painting tools. It seems, the color information will be stored in the vertexes of a model and no uv coordinates are required before. (This info is my current presumtion and not approved...)

Andrew is now expanding the paint functionality. He will port the described surface painting possibilities to regular voxel objects soon.

Best wishes

Monday, December 19, 2011

Work in progress: "Colors in voxels"

A very interesting twitter post. Andrew seems to experiment with colorised voxels. I am very curious what will happen in the upcoming weeks... :)

Here is Andrews todays origin twitter post:
"Andrew Shpagin: Started to make color in voxels. First - vertex color in surface mode. "

Christmas offer for 3D Coat until 31. December 2011

Pilgway is offering a christmas discount:

"In this festive season, we are happy to offer you our special Christmas discount! From December 17 until December 31, 2011 we are offering $100 off on 3D-Coat Professional, therefore lowering the standard price to $249."

You will find more infos for the current offer here: Wanna have it...

Friday, December 16, 2011

3C Coat BETA Update - Version 3.7.02

Win build done. Mac + Linux - tomorrow if all is OK with win build.

  • Free form primitives and pose tools has got multi-selection and a gizmo (if multiple elements are selected) -
  • All retopo tools will support realtime symmetry now. F.e.: If you change something on one side of an existing symmetry, then it will be changed on other side too. Turn off "Retopo->Show mirrored" to see clear what happens.
    It is very important, if you want to update existing a mesh without breaking its UV set.
  • Primitives updating done to produce really good quality in surface mode booleans. Grid density may be varied by slider now.
  • Andrew has found one a lag in the retopo area (and UI in general). Now all will work faster, especially when using undo/redo and tool switching.
  • Andrew has found the reason why importing model for ppp takes long time in some cases. It was the realtime padding preparing routine. It is optimized a lot now.
  • The airbrush tool in ppp mode & freeze tool issues are solved - 
  • Pose, primitives & Free form with symmetry problem resolved - 
  • In UV room the "add clusters" bug is fixed - 
  • The UV mapping in retopo room is improved - when you add polygons the UV will be extended properly after switching to another tool - 
  • Fixed bug: keeping scale of merged objects in voxels was inaccurate up to 3%. It was well visible on far off-centered models.
  • Fixed the cube lag: 
  • Attempt to fix Linux delay bug, but really not sure there ...
LC(LiveClay) updated just a little bit, because Raul was busy with primitives and the changes are not included - still not checked well.

Visit the 3D Coat forum for the update download: Wanna have it...

Info: I have seen, some of Andrews info links are broken. I will correct them as soon as possible.

Best wishes