Friday, January 31, 2014

Knife tutorials by Cleitus

Cleitus an CG artist from russia posted two very nice tutorials how to make knifes in 3D-Coat.
Don't miss them:

Visit his origin forum post to leave some notes, if you like: Visit Cleitus 3D-Coat forum post

Monday, January 27, 2014

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.14A [BETA]

  • Fix: Undo/Redo for Pose tool works correctly now
  • Improvement: Pose tool got super important addition - selection spline profile + free form deformation strictness.
  • Improvement: Cloth relax in Retopo room to make all islands edges to be nicely corresponding to each other, important to decrease square/length trash to very minimal degree.
  • Improvement: LiveClay-like brushes are well compatible now with boolean operations - no explosions/legs/stretched triangles on edges, no broken edges outside of pen influence.
  • NEW feature: Export vector displacement accessible after baking.
Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...

Monday, January 20, 2014

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.14 [BETA]

  • New: 3D Lasso selection for freeze/vox/layer/vox extrude. See example illustration below.
    Further it will be extended to other tools.
    Actually this feature was important for our internal purposes, so it was inavoidable to do it, but actually it may be very helpful for everyone.
  • Scripting-Update: Major scripting update, see manual (parametric dialogs, script - controlled strokes, retopo layers management, several examples)
  • Fixes: General cleanup and fixed Mantis issues. (To all mantis users: Please approve all fixed issues!)

News: Official 4.1 update is coming soon - stay tuned!

Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...

New 3D Lasso selection

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Forum artwork by Kargall le feu: Alien - Roswell style

Kargal le feu present us a very nice alien bust made in 3D-Coat.

He used 3D-Coat for sculpting and unwrapping. When ready he exported the displacement informations to render the bust with the internal renderer in blender.
The final touch were made with Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop.

Kargall le feu website: Visit me...
Kargalls 3D-Coat gallery: Visit me...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Forum artwork by Cleitus: Weapons in 3D-Coat

Cleitus, a 3D-Coat forum member from Russia posted some really well made weapons created and presented completely in 3D-Coat. His works are great examples for the possibility to make technical content inside 3D-Coat.

Take a look at some of his nice works. To see more examples and work in progress images please use the link below the images.

Cleitus has posted his custom shaders and some tips how to present the objects inside 3D-Coat too. To see all models please visit the origin thread in the forums.

Visit the origin forum thread: Visit me...
Visit Cleitus official gallery at Devian Art: Visit me...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More 3D-Coat artworks by Juan Carlos Montes

Again some exciting 3D-Coat sculptings created by Juan Carlos Montes. All images are painted with vertex colors and rendered in 3D-Coat. The background and color correction were done in Photoshop.

Link to the origin 3D-Coat forums post: Visit me...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tips & Tricks: How to load and export DDS using Adobe Photoshop CC

NVIDIA is currently not supporting the CC (Creative Cloud) version of Photoshop for their filters plugin that can be found here -> NVIDIA photoshop filters.

A short tip for all users who needs the NVIDIA  filters and the DDS file support in Photoshop CC:
  1. Create a directory called Filters in the Plug-ins folder of your Photoshop CC installation.
  2. Copy the NormalMapFilter64.8bf file from the Photoshop CS6 Filters folder into the new Photoshop CC Filters folder ("64" in the filename represents the 64 bit version)
  3. Copy the dds64.8bi file from the CS6 File Formats folder into the existing Photoshop CC File Formats folder
Restart Photoshop CC.

Now all filters should work as expected.

Best wishes

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tipps & Tricks: Profilkorrektur für das Kurvenwerkzeug von 3D-Coat

Dies ist ein kurzes Tipp-Video. Ich zeige Euch, wie man Profile für das Kurvenwerkzeug von 3D-Coat korrigiert, wenn sie nicht genau in der Mitte des Kontrollpfades verlaufen.

Hint video: How to correct displaced profiles for the curve tool of 3D-Coat

In this short hint video I show you how to correct displaced curve profiles of the curve tool and update existing ones.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Substance Painter - A real innovation in texturing.

Today I've found this awesome texture painting tool called substance painter.
After al long term this is the first time I see something really innovative in texture painting. It was always a wish of mine to use particles for painting. The guys behind algorithmic seemed to take the bun.

Take a look at their new texture tool. Really cool.

The official website with more preview videos and infos:

Part 3 (English) - How to create a 3D model for video games - Topic: Fantasy weapon


It is time for the third episode of my fantasy weapon tutorial series in english language.

In this episode of my tutorial series you will learn how to create a pattern for the curve tool in 3D Coat. This example pattern is used for the handle cord of the warhammer.

Enjoy it.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Infos zu meinem Fantasy-Waffe Tutorial (Infos about my fantasy weapon tutorial)

#English version below the german text. :)

Hallo zusammen.

Ich wurde gefragt, wie viele Teile es noch von meinen Fantasy-Waffen Tutorial geben wird. Hier die Antwort:

Eine genaue Anzahl von Teilen habe ich nicht geplant. Das hängt davon ab, wie lange die einzelnen Aufnahmen dauern. Hier ist meine einzige Grenze die Zeit von höchstens einer Stunde pro Episode.

Ich möchte auf jeden Fall den GESAMTEN Prozess aufzeigen. Ich versuche das mal in einem Milestoneplan aufzuzählen:
  • Entwurf und Vorzeichung in 2D.
  • 3D-Sculpting der Basis-Formen.
  • 3D-Sculpting der Charakteristika der Waffe, mit das Wichtigste übrigens. Holzmaserung, Kerben etc. Eine Waffe erzählt eine Geschichte, diese also auch.
  • Retopologie des fertigen Sculptings zur Nutzung in Computerspielen.
  • Anlegen der Texturkoordinaten.
  • Texturieren der Waffe. Ich werde sie dabei bemalen und ihr den letzten Schliff geben.
  • Export des LowPoly-Modells und der dazugehörigen Texturen.
Zum Schluß werde ich das Modell und seine Texturen in Marmoset Toolbag zusammensetzen, damit man sehen kann, wie die Axt in einer Spieleengine aussieht, mit Schatten usw.

Die meisten 3D Coat Tutorials behandeln das Sculpten. Aber in meinem hier geht es ja um die Gestaltung eines Modells für Videospiele - und da kann ich ja nicht mitten drin aufhören. :)

Es geht also noch eine Weile weiter. Ich hoffe, ihr kommt damit klar?

Liebe Grüße

Hi friends.

I was asked how many episodes my tutorial will overall have. Here my answer:

A special amount of parts are not planned. It depends how long the individual episodes will need for their content. My only limitation is the maximum length of one hour per episode.

What I definitely want is to show you the WHOLE process. I try to explain it in a schedule:
  • 2D concept of the model.
  • 3D sculpting of the main shapes.
  • 3D sculpting of the weapon characteristics. The most important point in my opinion by the way. Means creating wood grain, notches etc. A weapon tells a story and this one too.
  • Retopology of the final sculpting for using in videogames.
  • Setup of the texture coordinates.
  • Texturing of the weapon. I will do this in the paint room of 3D Coat and give the weapon its final touch.
  • Export of the LowPoly model and all corresponding textures.
Finaly I will import the model in to Marmoset Toolbag to show you how it looks inside a game engine environment.

The most 3D Coat tutorials deal with the sculpting process only. But my tutorial shows you how to create a complete 3D model for games - so I can't interrupt in the middle of the whole process, after showing you just the sculpting. :)

So there will come some more episodes in the future. I hope you don't worry and have enough patience?

Best regards

Friday, January 3, 2014

Teil 3 - Erstellung eines 3D-Modells für Computerspiele - Thema: "Fantasy-Waffe"

Heute habe ich den dritten Teil meiner Tutorial-Serie zur Erstellung einer Fantasy-Waffe für Computerspiele veröffentlicht.

Diese Episode ist sicher für viele von Euch interessant. Ich erkläre, wie man ein Profil für das Kurvenwerkzeug erstellt. Das in dem Video verwendete Profil wird für die Knaufschnur gebraucht.

Viel Spaß mit dem Video!
Eurer Chris

To the international audience:
The third part oft the warhammer tutorial will be published soon. Thank you for the patience.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy new year! - Frohes neues Jahr!

I wish you all a happy new year, health and a lot of success for your projects in the upcoming months.

Ich wünsche Euch allen ein frohes neues Jahr und für die kommenden Monate alles Gute, Gesundheit und eine Menge Erfolg bei Euren Projekten!

Yours / Eurer

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.13 [BETA]

  • Improved: Flatten clay got to well working state. Indent and regular smoothing introduced. Now this may be really useful and powerful brush.
  • Improvend: General brush got a lot of refinements, some sub-brushes was not working at all, now all works nicely. Regular (non - tangent) smoothing introduced there as well.
  • Improved: Flatten works correctly with normals sampling > 100%
  • Fixed: Picking the surface in LC-based tools fixed. It was not average point and sometimes was flying on some offset from the surface. Now it is much more predictable.
  • Fixed: Several problems related to voxel <-> surface transition fixed
  • Fixed: Several mantis bugs:
    0001362 Tool preset names are not remembered by 3DC
    0001360 Crash when changing surface tools presets
    0001366 Relax in Retopo Room not functioning right w/ Symmetry on
    0001365 Retopo_Welding_Deletes Faces
Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...