Friday, June 20, 2014

3D-Coat - Update 4.1.09(A-C)

  • Improvement: Merge, curves text parameters are stored in History window as well.
  • Improvement: Rect/Ellipse E - modes may become square if 'Q' pressed (may be changed in settings)
  • Improvement: Manual updated
  • Fixed: retopo FBX crash
  • Fixed: Problem that was breaking pipeline Voxels->Retopo, Bake with triangulation->Exort.Final object was not triangulated.
  • Fixed: autopo dialog problems
  • Fixed: A lot of scripting bugs
Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

3D-Coat - Update 4.1.09

  • NEW: Primitives history window. It keeps history of primitives usage (Windows->Primitives history). It opens the way to nondestructive modeling. Further Andrew will add curves, merge, cutoff and possibly stroking history.
  • Improvement: Chiesel/Flattern brushes tuned a lot. Now they easely produce flat surface even under aggressive sculpting. It hould work much more prodictable. Changes was done under guidance of an russian artist.
  • Improvement: Scripts will not be paused on inactive windows
  • Improvement: Scripts updated a bit - naming in comboboxes changed a bit for getting unique identifiers, some functions related to uv selection introduced, command line accessing.
  • Improvement: Hardsurface autopo disabled if voxelize turned ON in AUTOPO dialog.
  • Fixed: Problem of curves preview when node scaled fixed. RMB & drag will scale node, RMB click will toggle sharpness (for uniformity with other curve-like tools)
  • Fixed: UV-sets names corrected - if symbol like : happens there - it will be replaced with _ to be able to export textures correctly.
  • Fixed: Fixed Undo in UV/Retopo - no more switching to zero UV set after Undo
  • Fixed: Fixed crash in UV room -> Hide. Hide/invert hide/unhide different problems fixed.
Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Forum artwork by Leigh Bamforth: Creature doodle

Leigh Bamforth has created a very nice creature in 3D-Coat that is reall worth to be presented here.

3D-Coat view
Realtime result in Marmoset Toolbag 2
Some short project infos:
  • 3D coat for Sculpting, retopology, projection and texturing
  • Topogun for the occlusion map which was then blended into the mix in 3D coat.
To see the full development progress click here for the origin post in the forums:
Wanna see...