Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3C Coat Update - Version 3.7.01B

Version 3.7.01B changes:

  • fixed crash mentioned by the user Michalis ("export after reduce all")
  • sphere tool with cubic interpolation fixed on transformed volume
  • fixed "Clear all" issue in surface mode
  • multiselection in free form pose/primitives (but still without extra gizmo 
Visit the 3D Coat forum for the update download: Wanna have it...

Friday, November 18, 2011

3C Coat Update - Version 3.7.01

Just some days online, but already a new update. Here we are:

Updated to 3.7.01 (Win) Mac&Linux come really soon.

- Adaptive decimate brush: reduce without fear of loosing detail http://wp.me/petJN-zY
- Snake/Spikes/curves/Muscle/Toothpaste tools are supported in surface mode too (even faster) - http://bit.ly/vMlC3X (booleans of course). You see a 160 k model there. To get same results in voxels you need probably millions. Of course that spikes/curves are not separate pieces but merged into object - Look a little manual smoothing near some spikes.
- Curves of objects supported in surface mode.
- Shader thumbnail issue fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=430
- Droplist item selection fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=426
- Shadow casting issue fixed - http://3d-coat.com/m...view.php?id=428
- Andrew made compatible LC tools and booleans - LC & stuff will preserve sharp edges until edge is not smoothed by SHIFT.
- Sphere tool with cubic interpolation was fixed.

Be careful with booleans - if a merged object (spike, separate curve branch, separate curve chain, paste stroke) has self intersection - the booean operation will fail!

Visit the forum page for uploading the update: Wanna have it...

Friday, November 11, 2011

3D Coat 3.7 released

Pilgway has released 3D Coat version 3.7. It is a major release and available up from today.
Following the main features of the new release: 

General changes
  • 14 Applink Connection Plug-ins! (Find complete details here: 3d-coat.com/applinks/)
  • New brush engine!
  • Support of instancing
  • New CutOff tool allows you to perform very precise boolean operations!

Voxel Mode

New Brushes: Scratches, Mud, Inflate
  • Speed-up in voxel surface mode
  • New voxel export option - "File->Export projected quads"
  • Realtime preview for Sketch tool. You will see the summary volume immediately while painting
  • Free form transformations in Pose tool
  • New brush based on surface clay that acts close to Build in voxel room and Wax in MB
  • Optional possibility to merge mesh into voxel scene without actual voxelization
  • Possibility to save separate voxel layers as 3B files (with sub-tree or without)
  • New brushes: Scratches, Mud, Inflate
  • New tool in voxels - clone. It acts like cut&clone but skips cutting

Paint Mode

  • Essential speedup in per-pixel, microvertex and ptex mode
  • Two new powerful tools in paint room (Layers menu) - Clamp depth and Copy channels
  • New option Import->Import geometry in paint room. In this way you will be able to change geometry/topology in external editor preserving layers
  • All blending modes in paint room are synchronized precisely with Photoshop
  • New important command in Ptex mode "Fit in one texture" introduced
  • Support of alpha images mip-mapping. It leads to really good stroke quality
  • Possibility to paint over materials and masks directly in 3D-Coat
  • Updated OBJ files support. Now you will be able to import color, specular, normal, displacement during OBJ import
  • Possibility to paint through an object - start stroke beside object or end stroke beside object
  • Hue, Saturation, Lightness jitters are implemented in Brush options panel
  • Depth painting quality in ppp improved a lot, now it is very smooth and accurate
  • Loading for ppp, change map resolution, Apply UV, Fill tool are now multicore optimized and work much faster
Retopo & UV Mode
  • Autopo improved
  • Auto UV-mapping improved
  • Possibility to transform whole retopo mesh or its selected part with new transform tool in retopo room
  • Ability to see the number of UV vertices in retopo room. Important if you have a budget of polygons for a game model
  • Support of copy-paste in UV tool
  • Support of multiple UV-sets in retopo room
Other changes
  • New user-friendly way to share 3D-Coat's resources. You may easily create extension packs (3dcpack) with your own Brushes / Strips / Materials / Masks / Shaders / Navigation etc
  • Drag and dropped image may be assigned to be a background
  • 3D-Coat now creates a jpeg with preview in same folder where 3B is saved. Clicking on them will open 3B file
  • Possibility to load grayscale pictures as contours in E-panel (through "Load shape" button)
  • EPS file format supported for importing shapes for E panel
  • ZBrush-like navigation preset for ZBrush fans
... and many other changes, bugfixes and tweaks you can find the full list of here:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An impressive new artwork by PalSan

Hi friends,

PalSan has finished a very nice new image, that was textured in 3D Coat. Before texturing, PalSan retopologized and set up the UVs in 3D Coat too.
A great result in my eyes:

If you like to leave a comment, please visit the origin post in the 3D Coat forums: Wanna give feedback....