Monday, December 23, 2013

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.12D [BETA]

Updated to 4.0.12D. Changes:
  • fixed remove stretching vertex random shift
  • proxy mode model quality improved (better uniformness, keeping details, sriangles quality, fixed different little problems)
  • retopo opacity slider fixed
  • super smooth influence shape fixed
  • faces disappearing in retopo room during welding fixed
  • falloff problem in stamp mode fixed
Andrew is not able to reproduce several reported issues, so please check them if you have some and post more infos in the forums. What he can't reproduce in detail:
  • supersmooth collapses all into single point
  • getting from proxy destroys mesh integrity
  • smooth all in symmetry mode in retopo mode swizzles vertices
Many thanks in advance.

Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.12B [BETA]

Quick-Fix changes for version 4.0.12B:
  • A lot of refinement in all LC tools. In our tests quality got a boost.
  • Remove stretching got touch as well. Move + remove stretching got major quality improvement, regular rs got more uniform triangulation and a bit deeper subdivision that leads to better quality.
  • New navigation preset that is close to FPS games - arrows + MMB to look around. 
Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spitsculpt challenges artworks by Juan Carlos Montes

Juan Carlos Montes surprised us again with some great graphics he has done for spitsculpt challenges on facebook. The models and textures were all completely created with 3D Coat.


Here is the origin post: Artworks by Juan Carlos Montes

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.12A [BETA]

  • LC-based tools polished. With new fast approach of LC color/specular will be correctly kept during all paint operations.
  • Several Mantis problems fixed. Especially important fixes:
    - 0001327 "Pick from retopo" loads every single retopo group from the scene
    - 0001336 Vertex Paint Preview Window Bug
    - 0001339 Scene Scale Corrupts Clone Tool
    - 0001077 LiveClay creates holes 
To all responsible bug reporters: Please check your fixes and approve them.

Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...

EDIT: Some quick bufixes made. Version 4.0.12A is now the current one.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tutorial: How to create a 3D model for video games - Topic: Fantasy weapon - Part 2


It's time for the second episode of the english version of my tutorial how to create a 3D fantasy weapon for video games.

Don't miss the new playlists on my YouTube channel.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tutorial: 3D-Modell für Computerspiele - "Fantasy-Kampfaxt" - Teil 2 - (Deutsch)

Hallo zusammen.

Das ist der zweite Teil einer neuen Tutorial-Serie in der ich step-by-step erkläre, wie ich eine Fantasy-Waffe erstellte.

In meinem YouTube Kanal findet ihr auch eine Playlist, die das Video in kleineren Stücken enthält.

Viel Spaß damit!

Friday, December 6, 2013

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.11 [BETA]


  • Airbrush - like tools will work even if you paint one dot with them. First touch dot will always appear. It improves painting precission generally.
  • Scripting got major update. See documentation.
    Generally it allows you to do non-destructive modeling with primitives. This is good to create parametric hardsurface stuff.
    Scripts may be inserted in any top menu section now.
    Paint layers management via script introduced.
    Extended control over voxel scene allowed.
  • To center mass/to bound center will work correctly for empty objects - it will take the point from the sum of its children.
  • Pivot/transform should work correctly with empty parent layers now.
  • Several mantis problems solved
Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Forum artwork by Fuad Ghaderi called "TATA-TATA-TA"

Fuad Ghaderi has finished a really cool bot, based on voxels. Nice to see technical stuff made in 3D Coat.

Click here to visit Fuads 3D Coat forums gallery: visit forum gallery

Some time ago I've published an interview with Fuad.
You can read more about him here: Read interview.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tutorial: How to create a 3D model for video games - Topic: Fantasy weapon - Part 1

Hello friends.

Forgot to post it here. The english version of my new tutorial series is online. You learn how to create a 3d model for video games.
What you see is the first part of the series. The next episode will show how to model the object inside 3D Coat.

Best wishes