Monday, January 13, 2014

Tips & Tricks: How to load and export DDS using Adobe Photoshop CC

NVIDIA is currently not supporting the CC (Creative Cloud) version of Photoshop for their filters plugin that can be found here -> NVIDIA photoshop filters.

A short tip for all users who needs the NVIDIA  filters and the DDS file support in Photoshop CC:
  1. Create a directory called Filters in the Plug-ins folder of your Photoshop CC installation.
  2. Copy the NormalMapFilter64.8bf file from the Photoshop CS6 Filters folder into the new Photoshop CC Filters folder ("64" in the filename represents the 64 bit version)
  3. Copy the dds64.8bi file from the CS6 File Formats folder into the existing Photoshop CC File Formats folder
Restart Photoshop CC.

Now all filters should work as expected.

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