Monday, January 20, 2014

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.14 [BETA]

  • New: 3D Lasso selection for freeze/vox/layer/vox extrude. See example illustration below.
    Further it will be extended to other tools.
    Actually this feature was important for our internal purposes, so it was inavoidable to do it, but actually it may be very helpful for everyone.
  • Scripting-Update: Major scripting update, see manual (parametric dialogs, script - controlled strokes, retopo layers management, several examples)
  • Fixes: General cleanup and fixed Mantis issues. (To all mantis users: Please approve all fixed issues!)

News: Official 4.1 update is coming soon - stay tuned!

Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...

New 3D Lasso selection

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