Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 8

  • NEW feature: Selecting islands in UV mode by clicking on object
  • NEW feature: Retopo->Export groups for exporting group as separate file
  • Improvement: Polished spline stroke:
    - Multiple strokes per pass
    - Closed strokes are allowed now
    - Different radius per control point if need (optional)
    - Better spline preview
    - Progress shown
    - Description in hints
    - Splines shapes tuned to be very nice and predictable
  • Improvement: Arrow icons added for swapping between current selected paint colors
  • Bugfixes: Several bugfixes mentioned in mantis, forum and other bugreports
  • Bugfix: Fixed problem mentioned by Artman. Extrude clay produces clean strokes in spline stroke mode now
  • Bugfix: Fixed pose selection problem mentioned by blobby
  • Improvement: Retopo & uv speed improved, uv selection problems fixed
  • Bugfix: Fixed scrolling issue in brush patette and similar
  • Bugfix: Next attempt to get AppLinks working
Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 7

Updated to BETA7 (Win)
  • New feature: New E-mode / spline stroke mode. It allows you to model very nice and accurate strokes with spline and pressure graph in ANY tool where it has sense.
    Example - screencast.com/t/8RJ8C0g5naY2
    It should be very useful for painting and sculpting, you may do predictable, accurate strokes.
  • Tweak: TSmooth tweaked as SHIFT action
  • Fixed: Several mantis issues fixed.
Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 6E

Changes for BETA 6E:

  • Improvement: Flattern/chiesel working better with line and curve in E mode now
  • Improvement: TSmooth/relax will depend on pressure and smoothing slider
  • Improvement: Using SHIFT modificators prohibited in proxy mode
  • Improvement: Retopo room wireframe rendered more correctly
  • Fixed: symm copy fixed
  • Fixed: A lot of sefety checks and user troubleshoots included to prevent different strange situations
  • Fixed: fixed several problems mentioned in mantis

Mac & Linux versions will be published as soon as possible.

Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 6D

Quick update info:

Several fixes and stability issues were made in the last days.
Now you can download version 4 BETA 6D.

Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 6B

Updated to BETA6B (WIN only, Mac+Linux coming soon):
  • Improvement: Zooming in/out speed will depend on distance from the pivot point to perform better navigation.
  • New feature: Direct uploading to sketchfab.com implemented.
  • Fixed: Big work performed over stabilizing and optimizing 3D-Coat.
    Andrew: "I hope LC tools will work much more predictably and faster. Many areas of 3D-Coat including paint, retopo, voxels was tested and a lot of bugs fixed. A lot of Mantis bugs fixed."
  • A-Fix: Symmetry issues in LC
  • B-Fix: Smooth range and one paint issue. 
To see fixed bugs that are reported in mantis please visit the official website: www.3dcoat.com/mantis

Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Update by Raul: Optimised "Swirl Clay"

No more overlapping. Raul has optimised "Swirl Clay" inside live clay tools of 3D Coat. You will find the new version in one of the upcoming updates.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 5

Windows version first other will follow asap.

  • NEW: New Bridge tool by Raul. Watch the video here.
  • NEW: Decompose (Separate disconnected pieces) tool by Raul. Watch the video here.
  • NEW: Projekt files will be saved to a temporary file and be renamed later so that previous version of a file will not be corrupted if a crash should happen.
  • NEW: You can decide to a material it have to be tiled or not.
  • A lot of bugfixes to stabilize current 3D Coat beta. Many of them were critical fixes. Especially in retopo room.
Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Friday, October 12, 2012

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 4

BETA4 for 3D Coat v.4 changes:
  • Relaxation tool
  • better smoothing algorithms
  • Reconstruct tool
  • a lot of bugfixes and small tweaks, see mantis
Linux and Mac users! Please excuse for so long delay, seems Sergyi is stuck on fixing one bug (baking related). Andrew will ask him to upload it anyway as soon as possible.

Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Starting today Andrew will go to Tenerife for 2 weeks to recharge his batteries.
Andrew: "It is first time in 10 years when I will get somewhere with my wife without children. So I will not be able to participate there too often, this time I will be off work during the rest, only check e-mail and read this thread sometimes, no coding."

I wish you good rest!

Monday, October 8, 2012

3D Coat version 4B3 (Beta v3).

Hello guys.

I took the last week off to "recharge my batteries".    :-)

In the meantime there were some changes in 3D Coat. Version 4 got a "countdown" and there are already some version 4 betas released. Some of you maybe have already downloaded the newest version, but I will collect the recent released v4 infos for all others here:

Changes until today (Official infos):

5.10.2012 BETA3

  • Different actions assigned to SHIFT and CTRL SHIFT - see at top in surface mode. Powerful smooth is not polished enough, will be improved.
  • Set of retopo bugs fixed
  • Close/make holes improved a lot, but we continue to work over it
  • Wireframe rendering speed and quality improved a lot. Now it works according to View->Show wireframe. By default W assigned but F4 may remain from previous install. Then you need to re-assign it manually.

2.10.2012 BETA2

  • LC & close holes issues fixed. There is check box "Quality" to determine what you prefer - better quality or speed. Actually speed differs not much.
  • some Undo issues fixed
  • icons

1.10.2012 BETA1

  • At least it looks a bit like V4 
  • New start dialog, I hope this time it will be more useful. The main purpose was to expose different workflows there (they was usually hidden deeply in different submenus), it may be useful not only at start but in process too. You may customize it (but it is for experienced users, it is relatively not hard via xml files in StartMenu folder)
  • New LC changes from Raul. But we contitue hammering there.
  • New fit tool to combine separate pieces that look similar but has different topology. Important to handle scan data.
  • Remove undercuts tool.
  • E modes improvements: new modes for square and circle instead of SHIFT&drag because SHIFT conflicts with other modes - bit.ly/OrVYxS
  • Recangle&circle modes will show dimensions, in ortho mode - with real world values, SPACE allows to enter numbers - bit.ly/UO5InH
  • 3DC got 2 choices how to calculate normals - as before or as in Maya for better compatibility.
  • 3D-Coat got most common TBN space used in most 3D-applications (Maya, Blender) - Morten Mikkelsen's TBN space
  • N-gons with complex shape will be correctry supported in paint and retopo rooms. It was done by the way wnen solving normalmapping issues.
  • a lot of refinements in Primitives tool, especially for surface mode
  • Fixed a bib load of mantis repiorted problems + blob tool problems (was working randomly)

Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Softimage AppLink update (version 1.5) published

There is a new update for the softimage AppLink.

Changes for version 1.5:
1. Added warning messages, when Applink can`t be write a file by some reasons.
2. On a second tab, path to 3DCoat.exe filled automatically.

You can download the new version at the following link.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.18F

Updated to 3.7.18F only to fix critical problems:

  • ctrl+shift was not working in cutoff tool
  • left panel was disappearing in some cases and was not completely fixed
  • several other from mantis
  • also fixed a problem of clone mentioned by Tser.

This update does not include very recent Raul & my changes, they will ba available in next update. 

Andrew is trying to make as stable as possible last 3.7 build before posting first V4 beta. If all is OK with this build, Mac&Linus builds will be done very soon.

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Insider news: New startup screen

I have some news for you that are interesting.
A new startup screen is about to be finished and will came up with one of the next betas. Here is a preview shot:

The new startup screen will be able to be customised by the user for own needs.
A very nice feature.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.18C

Fixed some critical bugs reported in our bug reporting system mantis:
  • missing top panel in paint room
  • loading UV
  • combobox in layers
  • blending options problem
... and some other, see mantis for details).

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tips for creating LODs for games by 3D World magazine

Published by the 3D World magazine you will find a very nice article how to create effective LODs for your game models. It is really worth to take a look.

Here is the link to the article: View article

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.18


  • New feature: Retopology tools got "faces extrude tool" in face selection mode now - http://bit.ly/MC23kz
  • New feature: Selection become additive. Use CTRL D or ESC or click outside the retopo mesh to deselect all.
  • New feature: New global UI feature if you are changing something by dragging the mouse manually you press SPACEBAR and enter an exact numerical value the following happens: Spacebar has now an double action: usually it offers a tools selection, but inside the tools, if you press mouse and drag something, it allows now to enter an precise value. This feature is applied to gizmos, primitives and the split ring tool in retopo room.
  • New feature: Collada (dae) import/export introduced as first beta. Please post your experiences.
  • Improvement: Retopology room: automatic vert/edge/face selection in retopo select tool added. An doubleclick will select an connective area now.
  • Improvement: Add/split, Quads works in free space now too - f.e. if you are attaching polygons to existing geometry.
  • Improvement: General retopo settings moved to menu line to save some space.
  • Improvement: Points & faces retopo tool got a set of improvements:
    (1) possibility to assign other tool on CTRL, SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT - http://bit.ly/NpAMYE
    (2) possibility to create quads only,
    (3) possibility to work in free space
  • Improvement: In this build it is possible now to navigate with arrow keys: ALT+arrows and NUM + -. In many cases it is convenient. Just choose navi scheme "3D-Coat_Arrows" to activate it
  • Fixed: Instancing & proxy problems fixed - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=588
  • Fixed: Fixed retopo problem that leads into disappearing faces (rarely) after welding nearby vertices.
    In this way you will get good combination of artistic "on eye" and exact tools for precise work.
  • More fixes: Big load of bugs from mantis fixed.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tips & Tricks: How to import an alpha texture into 3D Coat

Hello friends.

I have prepared a new short tutorial video for you. In the free video you will learn how to import an texture to be used as layer transparency information (Alpha channel) inside 3D Coat. At the moment actually it is not possible to import alpha informations directly into 3D Coat but I show a short workaround to do it anyway.

Additionally I explain how to paint flexible alpha information and how the "Linked layer" function helps here.

You can visit my YouTube channel or see it directly here.

Please consider to to make a donation. Thank you very much for watching.

Best wishes

Thursday, August 23, 2012

MeshLab - An open source decimation tool

#MeshLab is a very nice open source tool for reducing very high res meshes. You can use it to reduce scanned or sculpted models. There are a lot of nice features included and many options allow flexibility. A batch feature complete the tool. Take a look on it, it works great.

Visit the official website: http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/

Friday, August 17, 2012

Forum artwork by Fuad Ghaderi: "Doomland"

Another nice forum artwork by Fuad Ghaderi. Sculpted in 3D Coat.
Used renderer: KeyShot.

Visit the origin post: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10187

Monday, July 30, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.16

Updated to 3.7.16 (Win)
  • New feature: Undo/Redo implemented for Cache/Uncache 
  • New feature: Specular contrast to Specular modulator in Layer options for convenience. 
  • Improvement: To global space modified, to uniform space introduced - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=562
  • Improvement: Save/Open dialogs are splitting all possible extensions in several categories and are storing current folder in correspondence to category. In previous implementation in some cases stored folders was a big mess.
  • Improvement: Genius and other tablets are supported now. Wacom support was rewritten.
  • Improvement: 'G' key will ghost/unghost picked volume
  • Improvement: UV improvement - you may select multiple UV islands, CTRL+C, select one island of similar topology and use CTRL V to put them on each other.
  • Fixed: Sketch tool problems fixed
  • Fixed: Delay when switching between tabs fixed
  • Fixed: A big list of mantis-reported issues fixed. Andrew concentrated 2 weeks on polishing 3D Coat.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Understanding the "external editor projection scaling".

Hello friends.

Finally found some time to record the quick video tip I promised in the 3D Coat forums some time ago.
I explain hot to use the new "external editor projection scaling" function.

Best wishes

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tipps & Tricks: Hide polygons exactly

The problem:
Sometimes it is very useful to hide individual polygons in the paint room to protect them against overpainting.
But if you use the "wrong" pen tip it became a big deal to hide the polygon. In this case you need to hit the exact polygon center which is sometimes really hard to manage.

The solution:
Change your pen tip into "paint single polygons" mode. Now you can hide all polygons just by hit any area of the needed polygon. This works perfectly in any camera perspective.

Best wishes
Example for using the right polygon hiding pen tip.

Forum art by Kargall: Clark Nil

A very nice 3D Coat artwork by Kargall le fou.

viewport model

Final render result
Visit the origin forum post here: Wanna see the post...
Visit Kargalls website here: Wanna see...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.15


  • New feature: You will be able to edit projections in external editor with bigger resolution than viewport - with multiplier. The picture size will correspond to viewport size, not to whole window size as it was before.
  • New feature: Toggle fullscreen added into view menu. 
  • Improved: Inertia in srollable boxes improved.
  • Improved: Selection/mouse over/pressing colors of buttons adjusted for the whole UI.
  • Improved: Pose selection will work in LC mode much better now. 
  • Tweak: Some icons updated.
  • Fixed: Crashes related to merging/splines booleans fixed.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forum art by BeatKitano: Gargoyle

BeatKitano has created a very nice gargoyle style character.

Visit the 3D Coat forums for the origin post: Wanna comment it...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.14A

(Win version first, other platforms asap)

  • New feature: In move/pose/transform tools you are able to modify voxel and retopo layers simultateously now (optionally) - http://screencast.com/t/iTvfetHfI0t
  • New feature: Pressing SHIFT while using the transform tool allows you to move only gizmo. Same function like "Move only gizmo" is selected in properties.
  • New feature: Invert tool action got possibility to assign hotkeys, the same checkbox is used in paint room too.
  • New feature: Transforms improved. Now pivot points will be transformed simultaneously with child objects, in this way posing of chunked objects becomes very easy. OBJ file export/import will strore/restore pivot point positions.
  • New feature: Retopo opacity may be changed now, other UV-sets are visible too (more transparent). 
  • New feature: All tools got better consistency with the E-panel, unused E-modes are hidden for each tool now.
  • New Feature: Scrollable panels got inertia.
  • New Feature: Current selected point in spline will be highlighted when you edit the points table. example - http://bit.ly/LBymU5
  • New feature: Important export option for real production added: DXF export of UV island contours for further laser cutting in real scale. In this way you are able to retopo an object, map it, export and cut it from leather, acryl or plastic f.e.
  • Applying masks and materials via cubemapping is now available in both: paint and voxel rooms.
  • Fixed important PPP problem - appearing of random spot of big depth.
  • Fixed problem: Masks couldn't be hidden and UNDO was not working at the same time - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=513
  • Fixed: Gobal arranging of layers was buggy - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=537
  • Fixed: "Render result" button brought up a dialog that was always filtered to JPG, not the extension in use - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=533
  • Fixed: Bottom screen info panel in Retopo room was not updated correctly - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=524
  • Place image along spline - Erase bug fixed - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=535
  • Fixed: Brush source image flipped http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=527
  • Fixed several problems related to planar mapping and re-wrapping for separate islands. There was a problem when fitting updated islands.
  • Fixed a set of unwrap problems over hardsurface models. There were problems with accurate unwrapping of multiple T-junctions.
  • A lot of internal proxy-related problems fixed
  • Different primitives problems fixed

Changes list for v.3.7.14A (important quick update)

  • Fixed: RMB menu disappeared after right or left mousemove
  • Fixed: CutOff with depth limitation in ortho mode
  • Fixed: cut & clone problems
  • Improved: Scrolling inertia improved
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.13

Updated to 3.7.13 (Win, other versions follow soon)
  • Depth/opacity/radius may now be defined as functions (curve) of pen pressure. It is very useful to customize and thin tune of brushes. 
  • Andrew made the possibility to define alphas via curves too - bit.ly/M7TIG3
  • Proxy (multiresolution) works now via decimate! This helps a lot with thin surfaces.
  • New command in voxel room: Use "VoxTree->RMB->Split with..." to split one source volume with target in two parts. This works in both modes - surface and voxels.
  • Resolved conflict with layers by dragging and windows scrolling - drag bar appeared over each layer.
  • Additionally a lot of smaller bugs fixed...
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Forum art by Hervé: Old Teapot

Hervé has posted a very nice example in the 3D Coat forums that was sculpted and painted in 3D Coat and finally rendered in maxwell renderer.

Visit the origin forum post here: Wanna read the thread...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tipps & Tricks: 3D Coat in full screen

Did you know it?
3D Coat can be run in fullscreen mode.

Just use the key combination Alt+Enter to switch 3D Coat into full screen mode.
Use the same combination to move back to windows mode.

Tested on windows 7.

Best wishes

Official YouTube Channel for 3D Coat

Don't miss the official video channel for 3D Coat on YouTube. The channel is full with tutorials and information about new features.

Click on the following link to visit the channel on Youtube: Wann see...

Forum art by Marupura: Live Clay only training doodle

Marupura has created a very nice alien head study. The whole model were sculpted with Live Clay inside 3D Coat.

To see the origin post with more infos and a further detailed image, visit the forums here: Visit the origin forum thread...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.12D

Andrew: "This is very first beta with an updated UI. Thank to LJB for developing icons and UI elements!"

A lot of changes in UI

  • New iconic UI with possibility to switch between iconic<->text style
  • A new quick panel (Spacebar). There are local hotkeys and Quick Access bar, drag&drop.
  • Essentially updated presets system
  • New scrollers, drag window contence with lmb, rmb or mmb.
  • New tabbed preferences window
  • More pretty general UI style

Other changes:

  • Fixed bug http://t.co/BaQ11qiM
  • There is a new possibility to send big files to support, to be found  in the help menu - "Send file to support".
  • Little view adjustment - corresponding axis length, storing grid and axis settings, possibility to turn off some axis views.
  • Path tool updated, now every click adds point.
  • A lot of smaller bugs fixed.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Forum art by Fuad Ghaderi: "Hard Surface Suit"

Fuad Ghaderi has created a very nice hard surface suit study. The whole model were sculpted with voxels inside 3D Coat. Later moved to zBrush for the final rendering.

To see the origin post with more infos and a further detailed image, visit the forums here: Visit Fuads forum thread...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.11B

Updated build. Current brush paint feedback included. (See -> this thread for more info.)

The changes:
  • "Dotting" in DX version fixed (Hopefully...)
  • Invert tool action for appropriate tools.
  • Stronger crease clay brush effect.
  • Couple of bugs fixed related to brushing over transformed volumes.
Please don't forget to post your experience with the new brush engine to the following thread. Every post help to improve the brush quality.

Visit the brush thread here: Wanna support the brush development...

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Smoother and cleaner strokes

If you are painting with brushes, you will realise dotted results, especially when drawing straight lines. This is not very nice and looks bad.
In most cases you can avoid this problem by setting the "stroke spacing" manually.
Following you see an example what happens, if you change the spacing to a value of 10%.

Be careful with the space settings: The lower the value the more cpu time a brush needs to be generated!

Example how to get smoother brush strokes.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.11

Updated to 3.7.11 (Windows version first, other systems in preperation)
  • Andrew improved the algorithm of brushing to make strokes more smooth and even. He needs feedback to make additional tweaks if necessary.
  • Merge/pose tools tweaked in order to work more consistently with object scale and gizmo placement.
  • New UV path tool which has really powerful options - multiple path points, path building criterium. Example: bit.ly/IJXmFf
  • Now it is possible to mark seams in dependence on the crease angle - this makes it easier to map hardsurface objects f.e.
  • Pressure dependence and picker issue resolved.
  • Mud brushes got a noise degree slider.
Andrew needs feedback regarding brushing (Define the exactly brush name if something works wrong or could be better.) - a lot of changes were done there. Post the infos into the update thread inside the official forums.

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...

Example how to use the new UV path tool.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Insider news: UV tools expanded (path tool)

Hello friends,

Andrew has implemented a new tool into the uv room called "path".
You will be able to set a start and end point to set an connected path for a new uv seam. The points can be dragged, so the seam path changes it's direction interactively. With the return key you can set the new uv seam finally.

You will find the new function in one of the upcoming beta updates.

Here is an example shot:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Art update by Leigh Bamforth

Leigh Bamforth has posted some really exciting work. Color painting in 3D Coat.

The soldier (Player model):

View the original forum thread to see more images of this series: Wanna see it...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Forum artwork by Fuad Gfhaderi

Don't miss the great concept artwork created by Fuad Gfhaderi. All sculpted in 3D Coat.
Click here to visit the forum link: Visit the forum thread...

The artworks:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.10

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.09 (Win version first, other platforms soon)

  • Colored specular and emissive channels introduced in ppp/mv/ptex/voxels. Use new layer blending modes to assign colored specular/emissive to paint layers. Pay attention that colored specular and emissive work only for the default shader(Vertex paint), so assign it as default and use it to see the effect. Andrew will update all shaders after your review, please write your experience and ideas to improve this functionality.
  • MV/PTEX got functionality that was previously missing: displacement/color of every volume will be baked into a separate paint layer now.
  • Fixed problem of baking with option "Check groups and volumes correspondence".
Some additional infos:
Emissive channel is monochromatic in this implementation - it underlines that color on some places emits light. In this way any color may emit even if a channel itself is monochromatic. Andrew think, this kind of emissive should fulfill the expectations, he don't think there should be non-monochromatic emissive implemented. If you have arguments for non-monochromatic emissive, post your infos into the official forum please.

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.08

  • Specularity supported in voxel painting.
    Warning! You should re-assign the default shader with RMB click over shaders panel to get it to work. If you still not able to paint specularity - delete MyDocs/3D-CoatV3/Shaders/Custom/ - but preserve important for your shaders. All shaders were rewritten, older ones will not support specularity for vertex painting.
  • 3D-Coat supports import/export of objects that use tiles instead of UV sets - like from Mudbox or Mari. Example: how it works
  • Fixed several problems in pose tool.
  • UI adjustment (even longer menus will fit into screen now) - bit.ly/zAIPas
  • Fixed problem of rectangle/lasso painting without antialiasing in some cases.
  • Fixed several important bugs that are hard to describe...
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...  

Insider News: UV tiles export soon

Interesting twitter news:

"3D-Coat will support import/export of objects that use tiles instead of UV sets - like from Mudbox."

Example, how it works:

Monday, March 12, 2012

BETA Update to 3.7.07A

  • fixed crash when you delete custom tool
  • fixed possible surface smoothing issue
  • fixed bug in VoxLayer tool - not always possible to select area
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

BETA Update to 3.7.07

  • Voxel LC tools may be duplicated by RMB click. You are able to customize a new tool in own way and share this new brushes. In this way you may create for example variations of the GeneralBrush and store or share it.
  • Much faster initial loading
  • Sketch tool got improvement. Now it is possible to assign images as top and bottom stencils and set a tapering angle (positive and negative values). - Example 1,  Example 2
    It works as an advanced loft tool that may join contours of different topology.
  • Fixed several UI glitches.
  • Fixed problem -> Mantis link

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: 
Wanna have it... 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Updated to 3.7.06C (Win version first, other platforms follow soon)

A few, but important changes:
  • Important change for retopo room symmetry - See details
  • Lot of crashes fixed
  • Shader list problem solved
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beta Update version 3.7.06


  • Clone tool got a major update in all modes(mv, ppp, voxels) - see how it works now - Example
  • Unclosed meshes with color may be opened in voxel room preserving their color information. New options: "Merge as skin" & "Merge without voxelizing" - Example
  • There was not enough space for new functions in VoxTree->RMB, so Andrew made several improvements:1) Combined some items to submenus, made access to all items in VoxTree->RMB via hotkeys2) RMB menu in all lists will be generated dynamically, so the speed of interface had grown and memory consumption decreased. It leads to faster switching between rooms and less UI lags.3)UI will not flicker when dock panels will be resized, all will be resized smoothly now.
  • Important change: Now all numeric values in sliders (like brush radius), input fields will be in same units as imported models. It is super important for real production where you need to know and operate with exact sizes.
  • VoxTree->RMB in surface mode got three new commands:1) "Create shell". Model will be transformed into thin shell for ease of future voxelization and preserving color.2) "Close surface holes". Important for importing models directly from scanner when you can't ensure the model is waterproof. You will be able to specify max hole size to be able to close only small holes if needed.3) "Bake color there from all volumes" - allows you to transfer colors with layers from set of volumes to the selected one.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Baking scenes with instanced voxel elements

If you are working with instances, then you should merge the whole scene to one voxel layer or merge logical elements together before baking them to a low res mesh with normalmaps.

Merging the voxel layers results in a speed up 10 times faster or more then without merging them.

Example: I had a hill with a lot of rocks placed on it and some wooden beams, overall an amount of about 30 objects. Every object was an instanced voxel model. When I tried to bake this scene how it was, it needed over an hour to get an result -> After merging all objects to one single voxel layer it needed only 2 minutes! An incredible speed up!

Hope this helps.

If you have questions about 3D Coat, feel free to ask and I will try to give you hints.

Examples with baking times.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Insider news about "Clone Tool"

There are great news about the "Clone tool" inside 3D Coats paint room. The cloning functionality was completely rewritten and will produce perfect results in the future.

See an example, posted by pilgway today:

The new clone tool in paint room is based on ray tracing now, instead of camera projection.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Beta Update version 3.7.05B

  • PLY export/import with vertex color implemented. Good for color scanners and for exporting to xNormal. It is the fastest way to drop meshes to xNormal.
  • OBJ files with vertex color information are compatible with xNormal now.
  • Restored missed control in Free form pose tool - "transform only gizmo".
  • Better pose selection through all volumes - works well with rooted volumes like paw with claws. Previously only one claw was selected.
  • Multithreading support for Hide tool and many other with rectangle selection.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Beta Update version 3.7.05

  • You are able now to import image(s) that will be converted automatically to a mesh, inclusive color information! Some examples below this post. Andrew replaced the older logo tool. This one is much more powerful. You will find this function at File->Import->Import image as mesh.If you import a texture for vertex painting, the color information within the image will be projected to the vertices.
  • Andrew made several improvements and bugfixes in the pose tool.1) Correct work of poses through all volumes with rooted child volumes. Previously only one root were selectable.2) Possibility to select several control points in FreeForm mode.3) Possibility to move gizmo only in free form multiple selection mode
  • Retopo room speed optimized to work much faster in all modes. It's up to 2x - 5x faster [You see the diference expacially when using 10-20 k retopo meshes]
  • Cavity painting quality and speed improved a LOT in all paint modes. Much much better than it was. It is based on the same principle as cavity painting in voxels. It is based on normals divirgence instead of geometry curvature measurement.
  • Baking speed and quality essentially improved, especially if you want to bake displacement information. If baking ray not touch the surface nearby and spike appears in this way a special filter will cut it out. Also you may apply this filter manually if need. You are also able to enter scan depth values manually now to control the baking process better.
  • Voxel measure tool updated - now it can measure the length of curves, lasso, perimeter of the section. Example: http://bit.ly/y46LmR 
  • Rotation gizmo in pose tool modified a bit for ease of rotation in screen space. Rotation handlers direction will be adjusted automatically.
There are many changes, so the developers needs some testing. Don't forget to post your issues to Mantis.
Mac+Linux expected in couple of days.

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...

NEW in this beta: "Image as mesh" import (Image colors and alpha will be imported too!)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beta Update version 3.7.04C

  • Fixed major vertex paint crash for all OS
  • Fill Layer/Fill object work correctly in Fill tool now
Visit the 3D Coat forum for the update download: Wanna have it...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Beta Update version 3.7.04B

Important bugfix update:

  • Fixed crash in pipelive surface->paint->voxels, change->surface
  • Fixed crash in vertex painting due to mullticore optimisation
  • Fixed gizmo problem - to difficult to select arrow in some positions
  • Fixed sphere primitive placing problem

Short instructions for using vertex weights export to Lightwave:
  1. Go to Layers blending->Use as weightmap->choose signed / unsigned.
  2. Paint weights in correspondence to hints.
  3. Hide layers if need to avoid mess.
  4. Export to LWO. Weights will be stored by using the layer names for better identification.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for the update download: Wanna have it...

Tips & Tricks: Cavity painting - fundamental rules


several people asked me how to use cavity painting in 3D Coat.

The main point is: Cavity painting never changed basically, it is working like always. But since vertex painting is included in the current beta, more people are interested in the painting functionality in 3D Coat (What I embrace a lot!)

Before using cavity painting in 3D Coat you have to keep some basic rules in your mind. Following the fundamental tips before experimenting with cavity painting in 3D Coat. It's nothing special and only a few tips, but good to know.

Best wishes

Sunday, January 29, 2012

3C Coat BETA Update - Version 3.7.04A

Updated to 3.7.04A
  • Cavity painting in voxels done - http://bit.ly/zQL6mJ
  • FBX import export supports vertex color now
  • Any layer may be marked as "Use as vertex weight" and used as vertex weight map if you will export a scene as LWO. It works in all paint modes. Weight may de 0..1 or -1..1 on your choice.
  • Andrew developed a pipeline to maintain color information while surface<->voxels transitions. See description here: http://www.3d-coat.c...es/bakedemo.png
  • All boolean operations (even between volumes) will preserve painted vertex colors.
  • Resample respect color information too. Colors will be always re-projected. The new routine opens the possibility to preserve vertex color information in almost all cases.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for the update download: Wanna have it...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3D Coat developer update: Cavity painting support in vertex painting mode

Great news for upcoming beta update!
Cavity painting in vertex painting mode.

Monday, January 23, 2012

3D Coat developer update: Preserving vertex colors

Hi friends,

I was sick the last weekend. This is the reason why my latest update comes a bit later.

Maybe you read it already? There are some really exciting news about the current 3D Coat development.

You will be able now to maintain vertex color information, even if you move back to voxels and change your model shape there and switch back to vertex colors again. This is a very strong feature, because it keeps always all your painting information.

See the first example image, how it will work:

Monday, January 16, 2012

3C Coat BETA Update - Version 3.7.03C


  • Painting over multiple voxel layers simultaneously.
  • Connector to Photohop works with voxel painting too.
  • Fill tool preview will not lag, even on highpoly voxel objects.
  • New voxel layer tool introduced - "VoxLayer". It is intended for medical application, but will be vey useful for cloth, hardsurface modeling and many other. See example - http://3d-coat.com/files/VoxLayer.jpg
  • Clone tool bug fixed - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=459

Linux & Mac versions are in preparation.

Visit the 3D Coat forum for the update download: Wanna have it...

Friday, January 13, 2012

3C Coat BETA Update - Version 3.7.03B

Changes for this beta update:

  • Import/export of vertex colored OBJ & LWO files. LWO - via vertex maps. Please check compatibility with xNormal
  • You are able to import painted OBJs from zBrush and continue to paint 3D Coat.
  • Multicore optimizations.
  • Frame bug fixed.
  • Several crashes fixed.
  • Symmetry plane works better now (consistent size.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for the update download: Wanna have it...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3C Coat BETA Update - Version 3.7.03

Very interesting changes:
  • GREAT NEWS! First version for painting over voxel models. Just switch to paint room. If you need to turn it off - use View->Show voxels in paint room. The voxel painting is currently supporting single core only, but will be optimised a lot soon...
  • Better symmetry support in Paint room (there was problems with Points & faces)
  • Better colors correspondence when baking voxels->paint room
  • New brushes in LC tools - build, extrude, updated general brush, flatten
Visit the 3D Coat forum for the update download: Wanna have it...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Own work: Mountain sheep skull

Hello friends,

finally I had some time between christmas and the the new year to create some private work. I wanted to stay warm with skulpting techniques. So I choosed an motive for my new climbing t-shirt. I like to climb in my free time and some time ago I began to create my own t-shirts.
This current image will be combined with the german text "Bergkönig", which means "Mountain King". I will show you the final shirt later, when it's ready.

Of course there are some details wrong and some other are missing, but I wanted to get a fast, but nice result.

Following some infos for the technical interested artists:

  • Overall sculpting time about 3-4 hours. I used 3D Coat version 3.7.
  • The amount of polygons for the highres version you see following is about 20.5 millions.
  • The shot was taken from the viewport renderer inside 3D Coat. The final model will be renderered inside softimage. I will add a toon shader to the model, to get a nice result for printing.
Best wishes

Mountain sheep skull created by Christoph Werner in 3D Coat.