Friday, October 12, 2012

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 4

BETA4 for 3D Coat v.4 changes:
  • Relaxation tool
  • better smoothing algorithms
  • Reconstruct tool
  • a lot of bugfixes and small tweaks, see mantis
Linux and Mac users! Please excuse for so long delay, seems Sergyi is stuck on fixing one bug (baking related). Andrew will ask him to upload it anyway as soon as possible.

Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

Starting today Andrew will go to Tenerife for 2 weeks to recharge his batteries.
Andrew: "It is first time in 10 years when I will get somewhere with my wife without children. So I will not be able to participate there too often, this time I will be off work during the rest, only check e-mail and read this thread sometimes, no coding."

I wish you good rest!

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