Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Using the right external 2D-Editor for 3D-Coat

What is the right external 2D-Editor for 3D-Coat?

3D-Coats Paint mode offers the possibility to edit the current active paint layer within an external editor like Adobe Photoshop. This function can be applied to all existing paint layers simultanously too.

The function can be found under
Edit->Sync Layers w/ Ext. Editor

For proper use of this functions meet the following requirement:
  • Be shure your external tool is compatible to the photoshop file format
  • The reason: 3D-Coat is sending paint layer information to external 2D-tools in photoshop file format only!

Additional HINT for Adobe Photoshop Elements users:

When you use the synch layers function the first time Adobe Photoshop Elements starts, but no document will be opened. The layer information from 3D-Coat will be unfortunately deleted at the starting process of PS Elements.

To correct this go back to 3D-Coat and execute the function anew there. When you switch back to Photoshop Elements now all should work and you see the selected 3D-Coat layer.

The solution

For proper use of layer synchronisation in 3D-Coat you have to start Adobe Photoshop Elements before using the sync functions.

Tips & Tricks: Der richtige externe 2D-Editor für 3D-Coat

Die Verwendung des richtigen externen Editors

In 3D-Coat kann man im Malen-Modus aktive Ebenen in einem externen Editor bearbeiten. Diese Funktion kann man auch für alle Ebenen gleichzeitig ausführen.

Der Befehl findet sich im Malen-Modus unter
Bearbeiten->Aktive Ebene im ext. Editor bearbeiten

Damit die Funktionen genutzt werden können, muss folgende Voraussetzung erfüllt sein:
  • Euer externes Grafik-Programm sollte Photoshop-kompatibel sein.
  • Der Grund: Mal-Ebenen aus 3D-Coat werden derzeit ausschließlich im Photoshop-Format an externe 2D-Programme übertragen.

TIPP für Adobe Photoshop Elements - Benutzer:

Wenn das erste Mal eine aktive Ebene in Photoshop Elements übertragen wird, startet das Programm zwar, aber es ist kein Dokument zu sehen. Denn beim ersten Starten von PS Elements wird leider die Übertragung von 3D-Coat gelöscht.

Um das zu korrigieren, wechselt man zurück in 3D-Coat und führt dort den Befehl noch einmal aus.

Die Lösung

Damit das Übertragen von Ebenen aus 3D-Coat in PS Elements richtig funktioniert, muss PS Elements zuvor gestartet worden sein. (Getestet unter Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.)

Viele Grüße

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3D-Coat - Update 4.1.13

  • New retopo tool: Scale. This tool scales clusters individually.
  • Fixed a lot of problems related to symmetry. Clone with symmetry problem solved. Seams & symmetry problem fixed.
  • Fixed problem of "Simple" triangulation, compatibility presets tweaked. I still need help in 3D-Max compatibility.
  • Retopo room: Bevel->select sharp edges have got a better dialog and supports realtime preview now.
  • Better support of highpoly meshes when using import via File->Import for vertex painting.
    It works faster and requires less memory now.
  • Import images as mesh supports TIFF images now.
Additional infos:
If someone is missing the "voxels" room/tab. The tab name was changed into "sculpt". The sculpt room supports all kind of mesh sculpting since a long time, not voxels only.

Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Featured artwork by Bobby Ranvir Bath: "phat knight"

After a long term I am happy to feature a great artwork created with 3D-Coat.

The image with the name "phat knight" was sculpted by Bobby Ranvir Bath. There are some more nice works on his website. Ranvir is an very experienced artist and has worked already for some of the most known companies like Capcom, Bioware or Electronic Arts.

To visit ranvirs website with more exciting work click here: Wanna see...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3D-Coat - Update 4.1.12

  • Normalmapping standarized.
    New presets for normalmapping introduced. You will find them in preferences->import dialog->normalmap import dialog.
    Andrew needs your help to prepare the presets itself exactly. Especially he has problems with 3DS Max. If someone wants to help him to create a preset - please drop a mail to support. He needs help with Modo too.

    Andrew also discovered: In most cases 3D packages are not working correctly with normalmaps/tangentspace. Even in best case (baked in maya, rendered in maya) they are not shown completely correctly. But in 3D-Coat the normalmaps will be shown correctly.
    Normalmaps tests were done in Maya and Unity. Both platforms have problems in their shaders.
  • 3D-Coat was updated to FBX SDK 2015 now. This decision solved a lot of different FBX export/import problems.
  • Normals/Tangentspace will be exported together now in FBX, but in Maya you will need to smooth normals to show them perfectly. Unity catches all well without additional actions (except it's own internal probems where Andrew has no influence.).
  • Retopo menu is split into 2 parts now - Retopo and Bake.
  • Text/hints refined
Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...

Monday, August 11, 2014

3D-Coat - Update 4.1.11A

  • Tangent space/triangulation options introduced into Preferences.
    This feature requires some additional work to understand what settings are the best for each external software. Andrew will publih test files very soon to check different software requirements.
  • Symmetry polished to work in all modes.
  • Symmetry dialog is now a popup window and dockable.
  • Step symmetry implemented.
  • Split tool fixed.
  • Blending modes corrected for better compatibility with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Layer opacity will be transferred correctly from Photoshop to 3D-Coat now.
  • A lot of mantis problems fixed. Check and approve them please.
Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...