Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Using the right external 2D-Editor for 3D-Coat

What is the right external 2D-Editor for 3D-Coat?

3D-Coats Paint mode offers the possibility to edit the current active paint layer within an external editor like Adobe Photoshop. This function can be applied to all existing paint layers simultanously too.

The function can be found under
Edit->Sync Layers w/ Ext. Editor

For proper use of this functions meet the following requirement:
  • Be shure your external tool is compatible to the photoshop file format
  • The reason: 3D-Coat is sending paint layer information to external 2D-tools in photoshop file format only!

Additional HINT for Adobe Photoshop Elements users:

When you use the synch layers function the first time Adobe Photoshop Elements starts, but no document will be opened. The layer information from 3D-Coat will be unfortunately deleted at the starting process of PS Elements.

To correct this go back to 3D-Coat and execute the function anew there. When you switch back to Photoshop Elements now all should work and you see the selected 3D-Coat layer.

The solution

For proper use of layer synchronisation in 3D-Coat you have to start Adobe Photoshop Elements before using the sync functions.

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