Monday, July 30, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.16

Updated to 3.7.16 (Win)
  • New feature: Undo/Redo implemented for Cache/Uncache 
  • New feature: Specular contrast to Specular modulator in Layer options for convenience. 
  • Improvement: To global space modified, to uniform space introduced -
  • Improvement: Save/Open dialogs are splitting all possible extensions in several categories and are storing current folder in correspondence to category. In previous implementation in some cases stored folders was a big mess.
  • Improvement: Genius and other tablets are supported now. Wacom support was rewritten.
  • Improvement: 'G' key will ghost/unghost picked volume
  • Improvement: UV improvement - you may select multiple UV islands, CTRL+C, select one island of similar topology and use CTRL V to put them on each other.
  • Fixed: Sketch tool problems fixed
  • Fixed: Delay when switching between tabs fixed
  • Fixed: A big list of mantis-reported issues fixed. Andrew concentrated 2 weeks on polishing 3D Coat.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Understanding the "external editor projection scaling".

Hello friends.

Finally found some time to record the quick video tip I promised in the 3D Coat forums some time ago.
I explain hot to use the new "external editor projection scaling" function.

Best wishes

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tipps & Tricks: Hide polygons exactly

The problem:
Sometimes it is very useful to hide individual polygons in the paint room to protect them against overpainting.
But if you use the "wrong" pen tip it became a big deal to hide the polygon. In this case you need to hit the exact polygon center which is sometimes really hard to manage.

The solution:
Change your pen tip into "paint single polygons" mode. Now you can hide all polygons just by hit any area of the needed polygon. This works perfectly in any camera perspective.

Best wishes
Example for using the right polygon hiding pen tip.

Forum art by Kargall: Clark Nil

A very nice 3D Coat artwork by Kargall le fou.

viewport model

Final render result
Visit the origin forum post here: Wanna see the post...
Visit Kargalls website here: Wanna see...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.15


  • New feature: You will be able to edit projections in external editor with bigger resolution than viewport - with multiplier. The picture size will correspond to viewport size, not to whole window size as it was before.
  • New feature: Toggle fullscreen added into view menu. 
  • Improved: Inertia in srollable boxes improved.
  • Improved: Selection/mouse over/pressing colors of buttons adjusted for the whole UI.
  • Improved: Pose selection will work in LC mode much better now. 
  • Tweak: Some icons updated.
  • Fixed: Crashes related to merging/splines booleans fixed.
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it... 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forum art by BeatKitano: Gargoyle

BeatKitano has created a very nice gargoyle style character.

Visit the 3D Coat forums for the origin post: Wanna comment it...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.14A

(Win version first, other platforms asap)

  • New feature: In move/pose/transform tools you are able to modify voxel and retopo layers simultateously now (optionally) -
  • New feature: Pressing SHIFT while using the transform tool allows you to move only gizmo. Same function like "Move only gizmo" is selected in properties.
  • New feature: Invert tool action got possibility to assign hotkeys, the same checkbox is used in paint room too.
  • New feature: Transforms improved. Now pivot points will be transformed simultaneously with child objects, in this way posing of chunked objects becomes very easy. OBJ file export/import will strore/restore pivot point positions.
  • New feature: Retopo opacity may be changed now, other UV-sets are visible too (more transparent). 
  • New feature: All tools got better consistency with the E-panel, unused E-modes are hidden for each tool now.
  • New Feature: Scrollable panels got inertia.
  • New Feature: Current selected point in spline will be highlighted when you edit the points table. example -
  • New feature: Important export option for real production added: DXF export of UV island contours for further laser cutting in real scale. In this way you are able to retopo an object, map it, export and cut it from leather, acryl or plastic f.e.
  • Applying masks and materials via cubemapping is now available in both: paint and voxel rooms.
  • Fixed important PPP problem - appearing of random spot of big depth.
  • Fixed problem: Masks couldn't be hidden and UNDO was not working at the same time -
  • Fixed: Gobal arranging of layers was buggy -
  • Fixed: "Render result" button brought up a dialog that was always filtered to JPG, not the extension in use -
  • Fixed: Bottom screen info panel in Retopo room was not updated correctly -
  • Place image along spline - Erase bug fixed -
  • Fixed: Brush source image flipped
  • Fixed several problems related to planar mapping and re-wrapping for separate islands. There was a problem when fitting updated islands.
  • Fixed a set of unwrap problems over hardsurface models. There were problems with accurate unwrapping of multiple T-junctions.
  • A lot of internal proxy-related problems fixed
  • Different primitives problems fixed

Changes list for v.3.7.14A (important quick update)

  • Fixed: RMB menu disappeared after right or left mousemove
  • Fixed: CutOff with depth limitation in ortho mode
  • Fixed: cut & clone problems
  • Improved: Scrolling inertia improved
Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...