Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3D-Coat - Update 4.1.13

  • New retopo tool: Scale. This tool scales clusters individually.
  • Fixed a lot of problems related to symmetry. Clone with symmetry problem solved. Seams & symmetry problem fixed.
  • Fixed problem of "Simple" triangulation, compatibility presets tweaked. I still need help in 3D-Max compatibility.
  • Retopo room: Bevel->select sharp edges have got a better dialog and supports realtime preview now.
  • Better support of highpoly meshes when using import via File->Import for vertex painting.
    It works faster and requires less memory now.
  • Import images as mesh supports TIFF images now.
Additional infos:
If someone is missing the "voxels" room/tab. The tab name was changed into "sculpt". The sculpt room supports all kind of mesh sculpting since a long time, not voxels only.

Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...

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