Friday, February 17, 2012

Beta Update version 3.7.05

  • You are able now to import image(s) that will be converted automatically to a mesh, inclusive color information! Some examples below this post. Andrew replaced the older logo tool. This one is much more powerful. You will find this function at File->Import->Import image as mesh.If you import a texture for vertex painting, the color information within the image will be projected to the vertices.
  • Andrew made several improvements and bugfixes in the pose tool.1) Correct work of poses through all volumes with rooted child volumes. Previously only one root were selectable.2) Possibility to select several control points in FreeForm mode.3) Possibility to move gizmo only in free form multiple selection mode
  • Retopo room speed optimized to work much faster in all modes. It's up to 2x - 5x faster [You see the diference expacially when using 10-20 k retopo meshes]
  • Cavity painting quality and speed improved a LOT in all paint modes. Much much better than it was. It is based on the same principle as cavity painting in voxels. It is based on normals divirgence instead of geometry curvature measurement.
  • Baking speed and quality essentially improved, especially if you want to bake displacement information. If baking ray not touch the surface nearby and spike appears in this way a special filter will cut it out. Also you may apply this filter manually if need. You are also able to enter scan depth values manually now to control the baking process better.
  • Voxel measure tool updated - now it can measure the length of curves, lasso, perimeter of the section. Example: 
  • Rotation gizmo in pose tool modified a bit for ease of rotation in screen space. Rotation handlers direction will be adjusted automatically.
There are many changes, so the developers needs some testing. Don't forget to post your issues to Mantis.
Mac+Linux expected in couple of days.

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...

NEW in this beta: "Image as mesh" import (Image colors and alpha will be imported too!)

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