Sunday, January 8, 2012

Own work: Mountain sheep skull

Hello friends,

finally I had some time between christmas and the the new year to create some private work. I wanted to stay warm with skulpting techniques. So I choosed an motive for my new climbing t-shirt. I like to climb in my free time and some time ago I began to create my own t-shirts.
This current image will be combined with the german text "Bergkönig", which means "Mountain King". I will show you the final shirt later, when it's ready.

Of course there are some details wrong and some other are missing, but I wanted to get a fast, but nice result.

Following some infos for the technical interested artists:

  • Overall sculpting time about 3-4 hours. I used 3D Coat version 3.7.
  • The amount of polygons for the highres version you see following is about 20.5 millions.
  • The shot was taken from the viewport renderer inside 3D Coat. The final model will be renderered inside softimage. I will add a toon shader to the model, to get a nice result for printing.
Best wishes

Mountain sheep skull created by Christoph Werner in 3D Coat.

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  1. 3-4 stunden ?! oO

    wow !

    wie hast Du denn das so schnell so detailiert hinbekommen ? gute technik!