Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beta Update Version 3.7.09 (Win version first, other platforms soon)

  • Colored specular and emissive channels introduced in ppp/mv/ptex/voxels. Use new layer blending modes to assign colored specular/emissive to paint layers. Pay attention that colored specular and emissive work only for the default shader(Vertex paint), so assign it as default and use it to see the effect. Andrew will update all shaders after your review, please write your experience and ideas to improve this functionality.
  • MV/PTEX got functionality that was previously missing: displacement/color of every volume will be baked into a separate paint layer now.
  • Fixed problem of baking with option "Check groups and volumes correspondence".
Some additional infos:
Emissive channel is monochromatic in this implementation - it underlines that color on some places emits light. In this way any color may emit even if a channel itself is monochromatic. Andrew think, this kind of emissive should fulfill the expectations, he don't think there should be non-monochromatic emissive implemented. If you have arguments for non-monochromatic emissive, post your infos into the official forum please.

Visit the 3D Coat forum for download the current version: Wanna have it...  

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