Friday, November 18, 2011

3C Coat Update - Version 3.7.01

Just some days online, but already a new update. Here we are:

Updated to 3.7.01 (Win) Mac&Linux come really soon.

- Adaptive decimate brush: reduce without fear of loosing detail
- Snake/Spikes/curves/Muscle/Toothpaste tools are supported in surface mode too (even faster) - (booleans of course). You see a 160 k model there. To get same results in voxels you need probably millions. Of course that spikes/curves are not separate pieces but merged into object - Look a little manual smoothing near some spikes.
- Curves of objects supported in surface mode.
- Shader thumbnail issue fixed -
- Droplist item selection fixed -
- Shadow casting issue fixed -
- Andrew made compatible LC tools and booleans - LC & stuff will preserve sharp edges until edge is not smoothed by SHIFT.
- Sphere tool with cubic interpolation was fixed.

Be careful with booleans - if a merged object (spike, separate curve branch, separate curve chain, paste stroke) has self intersection - the booean operation will fail!

Visit the forum page for uploading the update: Wanna have it...

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