Friday, May 20, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.20

3.5.20 [win, beta] uploaded, with some exciting news:

  • LiveClay - very first beta opened, so don't expect too much. To test it go to Edit->Preferences->Show beta tools to enable it.
  • New important command in Ptex mode introduced:
  • User-friendly way to share 3D-Coat's resoureces: You may easily create extension packs (3dcpack) with your own Brushes / Strips / Materials / Masks / Shaders / Navigation etc.
  • Upload screenshot with hotkey will work now correctly, even with modal (topmost) dialogs.
  • Move tool bug in sculpt room fixed:
  • Bug fixed, related to transforming from Ptex to Miccroverts using UV room and applyUV set. Now this way Ptex->UV->Appy->MV works correctly.
  • The mv depth painting issue is fixed:

Some instructions regarding LiveClay by Andrew:
  • Use Details slider to vary details, decreasing pen size will increase details level too.
  • Moving pen too fast still produces undesirable details variation.
  • LC supports masks and materials.
  • LC may be baked to texture, but transforming to voxels will degrade details for obvious reason.
  • Usual 3B files will be opened with previoius versions, but if LC was used 3B files will not be opened with previous versions of 3DC.
"There are still much things to do, it is just our short report for you."

Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

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