Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.21

Updated to 3.5.21 [beta] Win version uploaded, Mac and Linux soon available.

- Important step forward! Andrew made boolean cutting the surface with E panel rectangle/lasso/ellipse/… He finally achieved good stability and speed in boolean cut with very many sequential booleans - http://bit.ly/llo2IB
- Auto scale in UV room will work correctly now with multiple UV islands that cover each other.
- Longstanding & longawaited cavity painting problem resolved - http://bit.ly/jQws8X
- Displacement export issue fixed - http://bit.ly/kFnQ3G
- Fixed non-quad maps padding problem for PSD export - http://bit.ly/jezxLQ
- Objects/Materials panel problem resolved - http://bit.ly/lxpFgv
- Transform gizmo in retopo tool got a "To local space" button to orient gizmo according to main axis of selected elements. It orients gizmo really smartly according to selected elements.
- "Image along spline"problem solved - http://bit.ly/jsbl9X
- Palette window problem solved - http://bit.ly/jFKQAI
- Resolved hide issue - http://bit.ly/li2vmX
- Solved problem of possible incompatibility of 3B files between platforms when voxel curves are used.

LiveClay was updated only a bit, triangulation quality improved, but all very last changes are not included, they are too raw.

Download the current beta here: Wanna have it... 

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