Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tips & Tricks: Updating UV sets of models with existing textures

Hi folks.

Here is a tip for people who needs to update UVs of a model, but without loosing already painted information inside 3D Coats paint room.
Where is this needed? Imagine, you are working as a team member and someone else has changed the UVs, after you have already started to paint the textures. Normally a horror scenario for every texture artist, because you have to restart your work or will loose your painting layer information after a eventually needed rebaking process. But not if you are using 3D Coat...

I have written this tip in the 3D Coat forums, because a user asked for it.

To keep your painted textures, while updating to the new UVs, do the following:
1. Export the model with the updated UVs to a obj file.
2. Now move to 3DCoat and open your old working scene, if not already done.
3. Go to the "Textures" menu inside the paint room und use "Import UV".
4. Use the new obj file as the source for the new UV information. Change the uv smoothing if needed, when you will be asked for in the assistant window.
-> Your old uvs will now be replaced. That's it!

Important: This works with identical models only- the vertex positions have to be at the exactly same place.

The big advantages of this method:
- No rebaking process needed!
- No paint layers get lost! (This is currently unique in the texture application market as I know)

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  1. Its very important for models to become comfortable on what they wear. Thanks or your tip.