Monday, August 1, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.23

Updated to 3.5.23 [beta!] Win. Mac+Linux as soon as possible, but Andrew need at least brief test from win users (He was testing the last exe, but it's really worth some approvement).


  • All blending modes in paint room are synchronized precisely with Photoshop.
  • Andrew has made some baking improvements. The following changes were made:
    - Baking method is consistent - depends on what you chosen in Retopo->Snap to... Andrew  recommend to use "Snap to closest along normal" mode. But in some cases (many overlapped reference poly surfaces) - try to use "Snap to outer surface". Use "Snap to closest along normal" in voxels.
    - Baking scan direction will be chosen in smarter way - there was a problem when small and bug polygons were neighbours.
    - Snapping will be performed better, especially if you have thin surfaces, points will not be snapped to other side.
  • Updated Live Clay + Reduce
  • Fixed UV room & materials palette issue -
  • Fixed color picker issue -
  • Fixed problem of freeze tool in paint room -
  • Andrew has improved the quality of exported voxel meshes with simplification, triangles quality improved, too - . Triangles on almost planar surfaces will satisfy delone condition, it leads to better triangulation.
  • Fixed problem of merging additional object into a microvertex scene.
  • Tool options bug fixed -
  • Shader baking bug fixed - 
  • Even if there are so many descriptions of PS blending modes no one of them was full and precise, so this sync took a lot of time. Merging new 3B file to the non-empty scene will merge retopo mesh/strokes correctly.
  • Resolved symmetry issue -
Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

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