Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 12

Main intension of the build is bugfixing, big amount of mantis reported problems fixed. A lot of critical problems solved. Often mentioned lags problem fixed too.

  • Camera can be stored in a file and restored again to get the saved position
  • Important change in masks painting: A volume preserving mode is now the default seeting. In this mode instead of just modulating effects by mask surface may be displaced in both sides - back and forward so that the average volume will be approximately preserved. It is very important if you use mask for detailing. This mode allows to avoid constant surface growing when painting.
  • Models palette is now available in Retopo room to be merged directly in retopo room. Retopo layers may be dragged to that palette.
  • E-mode circle/lasso/rectangle/spline etc. works closer to PS style now - SPACE + LMB will move the whole shape.
  • Render room got improvements - prossibility to render blended states between several saved scenes. In this way short animated illustrations may be easily rendered. It was done mainly for Andrews son's personal project, he think it will be helpful for the community too. Andrew expects to be criticized for this little animation support, but it was his personal need, not just a new feature, so he says, he will be really sad in case of critics.
  • German language update (Not final but Christoph Werner is working on it.)
  • A lot of small but important changes...
Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

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