Friday, March 15, 2013

3D Coat v.4 update: BETA 13

  • Huge improvement: Baking settings improved a lot to get full control over the baking Example:
    The new baking allows you now to set different scan depth for individual areas of the mesh.
  • Improvement: Baking will take into account externally loaded normalmap
  • NEW: Tiled voxel space introduced to produce tiled textures in voxel room. It is easy to export the result via File->Export->Export depth along Y. See the wizard in start menu->Surface mode
  • NEW: File->Export->Export depth along Y may be useful to produce textures, masks and alphas too.
  • Bugfix: Huge amount of typos fixed.
  • Improvement: Improved compatibility with LW11, now textures will load automatically.
  • Improvement: Auto seams will act on current group only.
  • Bugfix: A lot of mantis reported problems fixed and a lot of work done for stabilisation and cleaning.

Linux/max expected in 3-4 days

Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

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