Monday, May 27, 2013

3D Coat v.4 update: RC00

Hi guys.

I took two weeks off and enjoyed my holidays on a german island in the North Sea, called "Borkum". I will publish some nice photos I made sometime within the upcoming days.

But now back to 3D Coat:

V4 got release candidate. Pilgway plans to release next week.
Please test and check. Drop a note in the forums, if Andrew has forgot something important.

Changes RC00:

  • pencil tool for single pixel painting
  • new icons in navigation panel for ease of access
  • new shaders preview
  • a lot of refinement and bugfixes from mantis

Changes in BETA16:

  • Bake occlusion tool may bake direct light
  • flattern tool in Paint tool will work correctly for PPP
  • a lot of work done to fix bugs reported by mantis, crash reports, issues sent to support
  • ptex painting speed improved essentially, random quads issue fixed

Click here to download the current BETA version: Wanna have it...

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