Friday, November 29, 2013

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.10a [BETA]

  • Gizmo for 2D - grid, Materials and masks
  • Better algorithm for FFD pose deformations - should work cleaner
  • More visible symmetry point
  • Wireframe in Edit all layers via PSD
  • Big amount of bugs from Mantis fixed - including critical ones, see in Mantis.
  • Splines improved - loading splines dialog got major improvement, now it is possible to place splines in space and import them as 3D - shapes
  • Export big mesh from MV/PTEX as STL allowed for 3D printing
  • Application font updated to include all Unicode characters, style changes a little, symbols placement improved - symbols like VA Vo AY stay closer to each other
  • On Rauls side: Merged code with Raul. Even if I was trying to do all super accurately and have not found any issues, this area requires additional checks in real sculpting
  • Copy clay (meshmixer-like) - copy pieces from surface and paste on other place - still requires clanup from Raul. Should not be used in real job, it is still in very beta stage
  • Close holes works much more accurate and closes holes with very smooth patch
  • Bridge improvements - interpolated shape, auto-details
  • boundary extrusion, boundary smoothing

Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...

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