Friday, May 9, 2014

3D-Coat 4.1.07 - Update

Changes list for v06 / v07:
  • NEW: Layers groups in Paint room introduced. Interaction with PS completely supported:
  • NEW: Primitives UI essentially changed to icon-based style:
  • NEW: VoxTree RMB -> Put on ground, Lay on ground (Object will be moved and rotated to get physically stable position on the ground.)
  • Improvement: Normalmap layer may be locally magnified or reduced with Magnify tool
  • Improvement: Text primitive supports bending, text may be conformed to surface using bending with pen click or "Conform to surface" button.
  • Improved: Inverse function for Chisel tweaked to produce less wavy surface.
  • Improved: Pen rotation interpolation tweaked to avoid inintial rotation of the brush

  • This is history now!
  • Fixed: Dragging layer inside layers folder works correctly
  • Fixed: ALT+layer click works correctly
  • Fixed: Stamp mode in paint room and Texture->Apply-> works correctly now with multiple volumes (stated by artman, but it seems to be longstanding problem)
  • Fixed: found and fixed retopo merging problems - one crash and one major slowdown while merging retopo -> paint room. Last one - longstanding problem, relatively highpoly meshes from retopo room was producing huge lags while merging in paint room. 
  • Fixed: Retopo groups random color change fixed. Now you may edit retopo palette
Retopo groups can get own colors now!
  • Fixed: Some bugfixes mentioned in mantis
Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...

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