Monday, September 1, 2014

Featured artwork by Pascal Raimbault: "Faora - Man of Steel"

Hi friends.

I've found a very nice new artwork by Pascal Raimbault. Pascal used 3D-Coat for the retopo of the girls armor. Maybe some of you know Pascal from CGfeedback. He is currently working at Weta Digital.

I hope you like the image the same like me. :-)

Some technical infos:
  • Base mesh in Maya
  • Armour block out and detailing in Zbrush
  • Armour retopo in 3D-Coat
  • Texturing in Mari
  • Rig in Maya
  • Face sculpt in Mudbox
  • Rendered with Guerilla render.
    (A single CPU license of  Guerilla Render can be used for free!)
Visit the origin post at CGFeedback: Wanna see...
There is a work in progress thread at CGfeedback too: W.I.P.

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