Thursday, April 7, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.17


  • Andrew restored an older version of the surface clay brush and combined it with the new brush engine, it produce a really nice brush now!
  • Rapid2/Mud2 brushes as smoother and nicer versions of Rapid/Mud brushes now. That new brushes are based on the same principle as new Clay brush.
  • Andrew implemented a checkbox "Smooth back faces" in the "E" panel of the voxel room.
  • Smooth in voxel surface mode is now CUDA accelerated. It is especially obvious under big smoothing degree (500% for example). Non CUDA smooth improved a lot too.
  • Andrew made an additional checkbox "CUDA smooth boost" that will enable 3X strength of smoothing if CUDA is enabled.
  • You are able to assign hotkeys to any button in the 'E' panel now.
  • Andrew tuned the Surface Fill tool to make it better.
  • Andrew implemented a new brush based on surface clay that acts close to Build in voxel room and "wax", known in Mudbox. The n ew tool is a small modification of clay, but it seems to be cool for building up basic shapes. Andrew called it "Buildup".
  • Andrew improved merge surface->voxels algorithm to produce much less artifacts like that - . They were usually appearing after the surface was smoothed in voxels a lot and then the move function was applied (as well as any surface change). It is hard to avoid them at all, but they will appear rarely now. To remove this kind of artefacts at all use the depth shader or the function "To global space". Those artefacts are not actually surface distortions but rather normals calculation problems. It happens due to voxel surface thickness variation. Smooth makes the surface thicker, this is why this problem appears.
  • Snapping to voxel surface became faster, fixed possible lags and hangups.
  • Slice tool in retopo room works correctly with non-voxelized meshes too.
  • For programmers: Andrew updated the AppLinks specifications a bit - 
  • Fixed several bugs in retopo transform tool.
  • An issue about retopo transform solved - 
  • Fixed problem of holes in big faces in ppp mode when 8k textures are used.
  • Fixed problem in retopo symmetrical copy, when multiple UV sets are present
  • Problem with "Edit points table" in "E" spines menu solved.
  • Problem with "To global space" and instances solved.
  • A problem with the move tool tearing and symmetry were resolved.
  • Fixed a bug in "Apply UV", it have produced holes in meshes in some cases.
  • Andrew found the reason why using huge brush radius leads to massive slowdown (almost hang). It is fixed now and results in a sculpting speed improvement.
  • If SHIFT and LMB is pressed simultaneously, then even if SHIFT will be released, but LMB is still pressed, 3DC will interprate this as SHIFT is still pressed.
Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

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