Monday, September 26, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.25

Updated to 3.5.25

  • LC updated. All tools are still in very beta stage. Some of them may be removed or essentially changed later
  • Andrew made the possibility to point over materials and masks directly in 3D-Coat -
  • Andrew created a realtime preview for Sketch tool. You will see summary volume immediately while painting. It works without any lag or slowdown. It is still not fully optimized, so painting over the really big images may be slow. It will be resolved very soon.
  • A smarter edge picking algorithm for retopo room were implemented. If an edge is under surface, it will be picked. But backface edges will not be picked. Simple illustration of the changes - 
  • Autopo improved - manual strokes will only partially influence edgeflow - only areas close to stroke bound sphere will be affected. It is important because previously adding even one stroke was discarding all original curvature surface info. So correcting autopo results was really annoying in some cases. Now strokes will have local influence.
  • Transform gizmo issue fixed - 
  • FBX export issue solved - 
  • Important change: perspective center will be on the center of viewport, not on whole window center as it was before.
  • Smooth & freeze issue fixed - 
  • The problem of pose tool over non voxelized object resolved -
  • Solved problem of incorrect showing of the symmetry plane in Voxel room.
  • Rendering issue solved - 
  • Pose tool with "Through all volumes" issue solved - 
  • fixed: drawing with E panel modes was hanging sometimes on very close look to model.
  • fixed: grow & smudge brushes was incorectly working with masks and symmetry.
Download the current beta here: Wanna have it... 

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