Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3D Coat 4 - update 4.0.15D[BETA]

  • RMB tuned a bit to avoid random appearance. Hot key may be assigned in Windows->Popups->Trigger volume properties window
  • RMB feature may be turned off in preferences at all.
  • Scripts may operate with Objects/Materials, arrays in UI got indexing (Ligths list, points in splines points table).
  • Voxtree visualisation solved
  • Scripting changed a bit, color commands + ui element check to get array size 
Click here to download the current BETA version : Wanna have it...


  1. These updates are happening almost on a daily basis :) Do you get informed abut them immediately from the developers?

  2. Mostly I get the infos from the official forums. I am one of the admins there.