Monday, March 31, 2014

3D-Coat V4.1 released

Key features:
  • Huge improvement of brushing quality in voxel surface mode!
  • Specularity blending modes introduced.
  • The industry-unique Split&Joints tool introduced. A very neat feature for making complex 3D prints. Split your model into several parts, print it and assemble easily using joints!
  • Gizmo for 2D-Grid. Use with materials and masks.
  • Lathe tool in Primitives. Simply draw a profile and get the result.
  • 3D grid introduced. Yields much more control for better and more precise snapping!
  • Much better quality and speed of LiveClay brushes. All surface brushes got essential quality improvements.
  • 3D selection in VoxLayer. From now on you can surround the area that you want to select with thin 3D spline!
  • Supersmooth/Anguator/Subdivide.
  • Essentially updated quadrangulation:
    - Quads only in very most cases
    - Adaptive density, much better features capturing (like fingers)
    - Good symmetry support. Symmetry improves quality drastically.
  • Pose tool got an incredibly important addition: selection spline profile + free-form deformation strictness.
  • Spherical/Cylindrical mapping introduced for masks and materials
  • Very important UI improvement. Now you may press RMB and get properties window.
  • Multiple tweaks and bug fixes for Brushes and other Sculpting tools
But that's just the tip of the iceberg, check out the complete list of 3D-Coat V.4.1 features and examples here:
Click here for downloaf version 4.1: Wanna have it!

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