Monday, April 14, 2014

3D-Coat 4.1.01 - Update

Updated to 4.1.01

Layers groups are not included there, not finished.
This build is intended as service build to 4.1.00. It fixes several problems of 4.1.00.
Andrew needs your help to test if this build is really worth everyone's usage for nearby 4-5 months while we will dive into beta stage.
  • Fixed airbrush in paint room
  • Fixed problem of 2x lathe size
  • Improved autopo usability, UI a bit changed.
    For complex shapes using of "Voxelize" recommended
  • New primitive - Text.
  • Sketch tool problems fixed.
  • Merge tool + Merge as skin works in real units and draws preview.
  • Pick from retopo centrifies gizmo.
  • Undo with intersect fixed in voxel mode.
Andrew has modeled with the current 3D-Coat version a lot, to get a better feeling about your experience with it. The mentioned fixes and improvements are the result of his invested time into modeling.

Pilgway bought a 3D-printer. So some t=changes related to this area (text + lathe).

Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...

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