Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3D-Coat 4.1.02- Update

Updated to 4.1.02
  • Fix: Different problems related to primitives density in surface and voxel modes solved. Previously merging primitive in dence volumes took too much memory and was not stable.
  • Fix: UV & Retopo unwrapping tool will not crash on non manifold meshes and will even try to unwrap them correctly.
  • Improvement: Importing mesh for Ptex will trigger warning dialog if there are triangles/ngons.
  • Improvement: RMB->Extrude will work in real units as other tools
  • Improvement: Merging new mesh in retopo room will remove single and empty uv sets to avoid accamulating void unnecessary uv sets.
Click here to download the current version : Wanna have it...

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