Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.14

3.5.14 [beta, not verified] uploaded. Win only, Mac+Linux - soon
previous version 3.5.13 got status [beta, relatively stable]

This update includes some important bugfixes for texture artists, so don't miss it.


  • I made support of painting/carving over planes/surfaces defined by 3 or 4 points -,
  • Image picker will respect usual navigation rules to navigate image.
  • Fixed bug in Logo tool that was causing dirty result sometimes.
  • While fixing Logo tool I made possbility to load grayscale pictures as contours in E-panel (through "Load shape" button).
  • I made improvement for merged objects scale -
  • The problem with single polygon hiing resolved -
  • Undo in polygon hide mode done -
  • Specularity merge down issue fixed -
  • Painting whole polygon issue fixed -
  • The problem in "Merge without voxelizing" resolved -
  • I fixed some problems in AUTOPO and it will always produce meshes without holes.
  • I made possibility to render turnables [from help menu] with post-batching to create customizable videos.
  • Fixed UV room texture mapping issues -
Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

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