Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Insider news: 3D Coat development plan for the poly paint part, known as LiveClay

Hello folks,

some of you maybe already know that Farsthary is developing a LiveClay function for 3D Coat. I reported it recently in my blog. Yesterday Farstshary wrote some infos about the upcoming development for his topic, I summarize the important parts for you here:
  • The LiveClay development is going very well, the smoothing part is about to be finished. The next steps are to tackle extraordinary vertexes, that arises when the detail level between the pen and the base mesh is too different.
  • The public beta needs only less time to be released. Andrew will review the code and decide, of it is time to share it with the users.
  • The next important part is the mesh simplification feature. Dynamic subdivision is adding details,  but have also to be able to remove them.
  • There is a thinking to port the dynamic subdivision tools to the voxel room too. In this way a very powerful voxel LiveClay could be possible. It would allow you a smooth interchange between the surface and voxel mode, without loosing adaptive details.
    To paint fine details in the voxel mode, currently you have to double the whole voxel resolution data. This costs a lot of memory and speed. Having LiveClay for voxels would allow to refine any part of the object in a local and adaptive way, without increaing the whole voxel resolution.
That are really very exiting news. If you are more interested in the whole original post, Farsthary have opened it in the 3D Coat forums, he offers you there a way to post questions and start discussions. Updates about the LiveClay development will be posted there, too.

To the origin forum post: Read me...

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