Monday, March 28, 2011

Insider news: Quadrangulate routine will be updated

Great news for users of the "autopo" routine:
Andrew had a new idea to optimise the quadrangulation routine("autopo": auto tesselation/retopo). The main focus was on technical objects, which are build of straight and clean shapes. Additionally the new routine tries to create more quads, then tris - which is very good for users who use 3D Coat to prepare their basemeshes for apps like zBrush or Mudbox.

The old routine works already well on organic shapes, but not very well on technical objects, the polyflow of retopologized objects was unlogic and looked sometimes random and uncoordinated. The only help was to set guide strokes manually, but not always with the expected results. A further problem were ngons, the new routine will eliminate them up to 80% in compare to the current used solution.

Andrew have already implemented his new routine. You will be able to test it in one of the next builds. Attached you see an example, how the new retopo routine will tesselate models now. Great results, if you ask me.


  1. I would love to see 3d-Coat technology merged into Rhino3D(IF The Folks that own Rhino could license some of the 3d-coat technology and incorporate it into their CAD software it would be amazing!!! NURBS really arent the easiest thing to use and with Voxels Rhino would shine making fillets, etc look so much better)

    IF 3D-Coat doesnt want o go that route, they should make an add-on CAD package with Voxels (Voxels would be so nice for complex booleans, fillets, chamfers )
    but be need a new CAD drafting interface

  2. I guess, the biggest current problem is to translate pure polygon mesh models into a scalable nurbs system. As long as this is not working, you will still wait for such a system like in 3D Coat.
    But the graphic cards are developing fast and maybe in some years we can du such things in CAD tools, who knows? :-)