Thursday, March 17, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.15

Hello friends,
don't miss this update. It have some really cool new changes at existing functions and of course new bug fixes, for some of the fixes you have been long waiting for!

Updated to 3.5.15 (Win only), Mac + Linux soon - [beta, currently not verified]:

  • Clone function in Retopo room->Select [faces] implemented to clone parts of mesh.
  • You will be able to transform whole retopo mesh or it's selected part with new transform tool in retopo room.
  • EPS file format supported for importing shapes for E panel.
  • Symmetry panel have got "Lock symmetry plane" checkbox to lock symmetry plane and avoid unnecessary movement by TAB key. Also ALT-TAB will not come in conflict with symmetry plane.
  • Surface smooth tool improved a bit, to avoid producing visible seams. Spikes were also removed, they appears on noizy surface due to backfacing.
  • Shape and cleanness of voxels strokes improved in CUDA mode, Andrew found why BUILD tool was producing dirty results sometimes.
  • Really big work on memory management, many leaks found there. The new version will improve stability and speed after hours of work in 3D-Coat.
  • FBX export crash fixed, that were mentioned in 3.5.14B. But FBX export of big meshes is still too slow, we wil optimize it.
  • Export big meshes/close holes have better stability on big meshes.
  • Fixed possible instability in texture baking tool.
  • Draw by lines issue fixed -
  • Freezing issue resolved - 
  • 64 bit builds will produce very useful bugreports now [to discover crash reasons] if crash will occur. 64 bit bugreport was almost useless before this change because of missing callstack. 90% of peoples are using the 64 bit version, it was so pity that Andrew was not able to analyse bugreprts deeply. Now it is solved. It is an important step to make 3D Coat more stable. Version 3.5.15 contains multiple stability improvements based on bugreports that was sent to Andrew based on this operation system.
Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

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