Friday, January 28, 2011

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.11

Updated to 3.5.11[beta]
  • Possibility [optional] to merge mesh into voxel scene without actual voxelization. It will appear in voxel surface mode and will be voxelized when you will turn it to voxel mode. This is an important milestone for future implementation of dynamic tesselation and highpoly booleans that may change the face of digital sculpting. In it's current state it is convenient for instancing, but it's actual power is in possibilities that this new approach opens.
  • Much better algorithm for adding external normalmap + painted depth in ppp. No artifacts appear there -
  • Leaks problem discovered and improved -
  • Primitives controls are a bit more convenient now - it will always be possible to rotate camera + arrows will never become too small.
  • UV packing problem with overlapped UV islands resolved -
  • The longstanding problem of rough normals [] in surafece mode finally solved.
  • The smoothing issue fixed -
  • Export dense quads prblem fixed -
  • The spacing issue fixed -
  • Fixed smoothing problem in voxel surface mode -
  • The problem related to ZB brushes importing from folder resolved -

Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

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