Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips & Tricks: How to use the "Transform/Copy tool"

Hello together,

I prepared a new quick video tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn the following:
  • How the Transform/Copy Tool works
  • What the options of this tool are used for
Free video download link for playing the video offline -> Download video (Xvid(DivX) ~50 MBytes)


  1. Hi friends,

    I've made a first try to publish my videos on youtube. I have a wish: Please tell me, if you like this way or the other way: to download my videos directly and watch them offline.

    Thank you

  2. Glad to see the Youtube version, it looks great.

  3. hola me gustaría saber en que programa puedo realizar esas transformaciones. tan relucientes, para poder ser uno de tus estudiante
    del arte...

  4. Sorry saske_ochija,
    but I guess, I didn't understand your comment. To translate it into english language would help a lot...

    I tried to translate your comment in google. I am not sure if the translation is right, but I guess you are asking me what kind of tool I am using in my video. The texture painting tool is 3D Coat. You can find more infos about 3D Coat here:

    Best wishes