Thursday, January 27, 2011

Insider news: 3D Coats bug reporting system accepts new users now


I am happy to announce, that the member system in mantis (3D Coats open bug reporting system) is working now. You are now able to sign up for a bug reporting team account.

Just click on the link "Signup for a new account" beside the Login link and follow the instructions.

An own account gives you the following advantages:
1. You will be automaticaly notified by email, when a bug is fixed or someone leaves a comment or a question.
2. You can use the optimised filter options, f.e. to filter bug reports which were posted by you only.

I hope a lot of people use the new bug reporting system and help to optimise 3D Coat in this way.

Of course beside bugs you can post feature requests too.

-> Sign up now or look for posted bugs...

Thank you

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