Friday, January 7, 2011

Insider news: 3D Coats bug reporting system has opened to the community

From today all 3D Coat users and interested people have the possibility to post bugs or feature requests into the internal 3D Coat bug tracking system. For 3D Coat the open source bug tracking software mantis is used. 3D Coats beta team has tested the system already since some months. A lot of bugs were already posted and solved. Now it is time to publish the system for everyone to expand the support.

In the history bugs and feature requests were posted into the official 3D Coat forums, like regular threads. Fans of this way have not to be afraid, the forums will be not changed and we keep this feature for you. But there are not only advantages, when using a forum for bug posts.

The biggest problems:
  • Ambitioned bug posters and the beta team looses the overview, because bugs are posted often at different places.
  • Bugs and feature requests are posted sometimes twice or more.
  • There are no bug categories for 3D Coats work areas, like voxels, the paint room or the retopo area to help to keep the overview.
  • It is not easy to find fixed bugs or already implemented features, before form a new post and be shure to be the first poster. The forums doesn't offer a good post filtering system.

The solution:
All this and many more problems will be history, when you help us and support the bug tracking system. Mantis is very easy to understand and it works similar to a regular forum. Additionally the bug tracker cames up with some important features for software development, that helps Andrew and others to keep the control over all bugs.

We hope this will help to push the development of 3D Coat. If you have any questions or comments about the bug tracking system visit this forum thread: Questions and Comments about 3D Coats bug tracker...

The bug posting website will be found here: Wanna see it...

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