Monday, January 24, 2011

Insider news: 3D Coat Update and developer news

Hello friends,

sorry for my absense, last week. I was ill.
In the meantime there were some very interesting news about 3D Coat, that I don't want to keep back from you.

New 3D Coat update 3.5.10
  • I made support of COPY-PASTE in UV tool - . It is useful to perform UV mapping over repeatable or symmetric details.
  • Fixed problem of incorrect scale when usung Voxels->Toggle proxy. It was the reason of all problems with proxy scale.
  • 3D-Coat will paint with cavity detection a lot faster.
  • I made that subdivide individual faces in retopo room will not destroy UV-coordinates - 
  • I fixed problem of deleting face while collapsing edge with RMB - 
  • Splines export problem fixed - 
  • I made ALT+eye click to work correctly with instances.
  • bug fixed - 
  • Compatibility with OBJ files from Rhino improved (ending slashes supported, if line is long Rhino places \ and continues on the next line).
  • I updated OBJ files support. Now you wil be able to import color, specular, normal, displacement during OBJ import. There is document that describes changes -
Download the current beta here: Wanna have it...

New developer joins 3D coat team
Raul Fernandez, a new developer has joined the 3D Coat development team. Raul is already known in the blender community for his implementation of a very nice polygon tesselation routine, which is based on the method, that is used in sculptris. Here you will find his website with more infos: Visit Rauls website...

Andrew Shpagin (pilgway founder and 3D Coat lead developer):
"I am happy to see Raul in our team. There is my short vision of future sculpting in 3DC:
  • dynamic tesselation + topology independent multiresolution (that is already done) in 3DC are unbeatable pair.
  • same set of booleans in surface mode as in voxel mode. It is actually not too hard, I made it once when I was in GSC Game World and making HOAE game.
With that features you will be able to get full frredom of voxels + overcam thaditional voxel problems:
  • lack of sharp edges
  • too uniform triangulation"

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