Sunday, January 11, 2015

Part 9 (English) - How to create a 3D model for video games - Topic: Fantasy weapon

Hello friends.

A new day a new tutorial episode how to create a fantasy weapon in 3D-Coat.

In this episode you will leran how to bake the normalmaps into the low poly mesh, that will be used for painting textures later.

In this part I explain the baking settings and give you some tips.

In the next episode I will start to bring color into our model. The texture painting will begin.

Thank you for watching!

--- For the german audience:

Hallo Freunde.

Diesmal ist es die englische Version, die zuerst kommt. Aber die Deutsche ist schon in Vorbereitung. Habt also ein wenig Geduld.

Danke für's Schauen

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