Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.07A

Don't miss this Beta-Update, it has really good changes!

Updated to 3.5.07 [beta]
  • I made possibility to paint through object, start stroke besides object or end stroke besides object - http://bit.ly/dQFJPQ (Comment by Chris: Great!)
  • Also stroke will never dive into object, it will be drawn over it's top, it gathers advantages from both - projection and direct painting.
  • 3D-Coat will store changed data to User's folder and will not change initially installed files, so will not require admin right.
  • Found and fixed one brushing performance problem.
  • Problem with "Interpolate" in voxels (carve especially) fixed.
Changes during 3.5.06 evolution:
  • Specular contrast/brightness in Layer options will work more correctly. I also add "Copy channels" to layers RMB menu.
  • I made support of multiple UV sets in retopo room.
  • Only visible faces will be baked in retopo tool during baking operations.
  • Fixed bug in normalmap-based shader baking.
  • I made possibility to save separate voxel layers as 3B files (with subtree or no).
  • Fixed problem of "dots" using File->Export->High poly mesh
  • New option in brush settings - "Keep color along stroke" to be able to draw fur-like textures. 
Downloadlink to the 3D Coat forums: Wanna have it...

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  1. @Shawn: I know, you left a nice comment here, but for any reason I have really strange problems with the blogspot editor... So sorry for loosing your comment, it was just deleted.

    Here is answer again (it was deleted too):
    "You are welcome.
    In the upcoming days I will explain the new brush painting function in form of a short video and post the link here.
    Additionally I will show you a small, but effective trick to use this function the most effective, by changing the navigation a bit. "