Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tips & Tricks: Keep the origin scene center

Do you know the following situation?
You export a nice scene, that includes several objects, but as soon as you import the models into 3D Coat, the origin center is lost. 3D Coat takes all objects and use the bounding box center of the whole scene and not the origin one, that you use in your animation package. 

Your original scene.
Scene after a regular import,
the center has changed.

The solution:
As soon as the object import assistant window in 3D Coat appears, wait and don't click imediately OK. There is a small, but important checkbox called "no center snap". This function let 3D Coat take the orgin center of your scene.

Options before importing your scene.

Voila! The center is, where you need it!
Correct scene inside 3D Coat

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