Monday, December 20, 2010

Insider news: voxel object instancing coming soon!

Recently Andrew announced a hot new function for the upcoming version:

Andrews original Twitter posts: "Support of instancing coming soon! It opens possibility to use one volume multiple times in scene without additional memory consumption.

Example: you may do several bricks and made building of them and scene will be still very light and only initial bricks will take memory. In so way you may manage really huge scenes if they can be decomposed into less count of basic elements.

Scene in viewport will also be rendered faster because of much less video memory consumption.

It is extremely helpful for architecture, hardsurface modeling, sometimes - for organic (scales, teeth)."

Instances will currently be used in voxel area only. You can do all the same, like normal voxels. As usual when using instances: if you adjust the main voxel object, all of its instances will be changed at the same time, too.

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