Monday, December 13, 2010

Insider news: Andrew try to implement "painting over object borders" directly in the viewport

Here are the first insider infos, of course approved by Andrew Shpagin, the programmer of 3D Coat:

Andrew is currently trying to implement a new feature for the "paint room", I suggest to him, some time ago.

The idea:
Paint over the mesh borders, directly in the viewport. So you paint through the whole model.

At the moment you are only able to paint inside the objects surface, but as soon as you reach the border of a mesh, your brush stroke interrupts, short before the border.
In this relation, I had the additional wish to start to paint outside of a mesh, too. Means: Start to paint in the viewports space, outside of the mesh. This is really important in many cases, especially for flat elements like blades or planks. At the moment you already can do this, but only in 3D Coats projection mode, in an application like photoshop.

Let's see what will happen in the next time...

Best wishes

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