Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3D Coat BETA Update - Version 3.5.08A

Updated to 3.5.08A [beta]

  • NEW FEATURE: Support of instancing in voxel room (Look Instancer tool + new check box in Merge tool). It opens the possibility to use one volume multiple times in scene without additional memory consumption. For example you may do several bricks and create a building of them. The whole scene will stay very small and only the initial bricks will take memory. In this way you may manage really huge scenes if they can be decomposed into less count of basic elements. The scene will also be rendered faster in viewport because of much less video memory consumption. Instancing is extremely helpful for architecture, hardsurface modeling and sometimes for organic objects (scales, teeth), too.
  • Arbitrary change resolution of voxel volume done. You may change mesh resolution to any given number of polygons.
  • Big numbers display in all tools was rewritten into a better readable form - f.e. 31 765 321 (in compare with 31765321)
  • Fixed bug - http://bit.ly/gdMy7t
  • Smudge artifacts problem solved - http://bit.ly/hYAmn6
  • Fixed issue http://bit.ly/el7NLV
  • Fixed 3B-file merge related issue - http://bit.ly/eVUT57
  • Possibility to upload turnables to YouTube
  • Respecting negative volumes in Merge tool, instancing mode.
Downloadlink to the 3D Coat forums: Wanna have it...

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